Monday, July 31, 2017

Part 3 - My Mother

Pat married Jack in February 20, 1950.

My older brother Steve,
 was born on Jan. 8th, 1951

I was born 11 months later, on Dec. 8th, 1951.
(same year)

Then 11 months later,
 my younger brother,
Scott was born on Nov. 21, 1952.

Our family was complete.
Three cute kids, 
ALL 11 months apart!

We looked like a perfect family.
We were almost,
 but my mother had issues,
 that lingered from her past.

Being a girl was hard for me.
I had two bothers, who are very close.
And a mother who, at times, kept me at a distance.
 The pressure I felt, was great at times.
I didn't figure out the "problem" until I was a 
mother of a girl, myself.

My Aunt Bobbie helped me and 
confirmed my suspicions
about my mom.

My mom had a hard time trusting and
 liking any female.

My mom's past haunted and effected her 
 her whole life.

                                 to be continued...


  1. Christine, I've read all of your blogs about your mother and find tears in my eyes already. What children go through, because of their parents' issues, can be staggering. As I've stated many times, children are the true victims of the world.

    I see facial resemblances of your mother in you. She was a beautiful woman.

  2. Christine
    Thank you for sharing your mother's story. I never had any issues w/my parents, but sure do with some of my siblings. Knowing others lives weren't always perfect helps, somehow....

  3. Your mother was a beautiful woman Christine. So many issues of so many that leaves the scars for others to bear. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Your grandbabies look a bit like your baby picture. I had forgotten we are only 8 days apart in age (but my parents were married in 1937). I appreciate you sharing this story.

  5. Wow, three kids in less than three years. She had her hands full. You three were so cute. Very cute photo. Your mother was beautiful, and your dad so dashing. I love how people dressed in those days. So elegant. xo


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