Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Part 4 - My Mother

My Dad

My dad loved me very much.
And I loved him!
In fact, everybody loved my dad.

I was always his little girl.
I got most of my attention, growing up, from him.

This is the last picture of my dad.
He died  June 23, 2006

My life changed after his death.
My mom "disowned" me.
We just couldn't understand each other.


I have been blessed to have a lot of understanding,
 help and love though out my life.
(Tom, Todd, Kimmy, Aunt Bobbie, Didi)

I give all the glory to God for
providing me with these
loved ones who caught me,
when I would fall.
Listen to me and wipe away my tears.

I have many other special friends,
who have been there for me, too!


The Ending...

God preformed a miracle in my life!
He restored a faded relationship with my mother,
in her last days.

God gave me the wisdom to witness to my mom.
He gave me the power to pray with her.

In the end, my mom and I finally told each other
that we loved each other.

Praise God!


  1. So happy for your reconciliation with your Mom!

  2. I have followed along with this whole story and the fact that at the end you were able to reconcile is truly a work of God. And most importantly that she became a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. So glad and thankful for this ultimate outcome!

  3. I miss Papa so much. I can still feel his hugs.

  4. Praising the Lord with you for reconciliation. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. We all have a story and life is hard and some overcome better than others! But to hear and see the grace and hand of God in your life is truly precious! I read all the posts in this story! Hugs, Roxy

  6. Love the photos of you with your dad. I didn't have that kind of relationship with my father, but my son has it with his daughter and that brings me a lot of joy. And Dennis has it with his daughters and that makes me happy. Hugs.

  7. Christine, I'm just catching up on your posts about your mother. I'm so glad you are sharing a little of your mom's story, which in reality has become part of your story.

    Sometimes thinking about the hard parts of our lives, and writing them down, can help us sort out our own feelings and pain of the past. And, as a reader of your dear story, to hear about the vast differences in experiences of others helps me to understand better, and in turn I hope it helps me to be a gentler, more compassionate person, recognizing we all need grace in this journey of life.

    I look forward to the next segment. Please keep sharing.


  8. Just catching up on your story about your parents Christine... so thankful you had a dad you were so close to, and that when you were separated for a time from your mother, you had your husband and children there for you, until the time of reconciliation could come. So thankful for that, dear friend! Life is never what we think it should be, but the lessons we learn along the way are what really matters most. Beautiful picture of you and your dad! Hugs :)

  9. Read your previous posts, Christine, and was so moved by them. I have always said that God is in the restoring business, not destroying, What freedom you much feel in this restoration, and one day there will be a glad reunion day! Thank you for sharing! I was a Daddy's girl too! I miss my dad so much there was nothing I couldn't talk to him abut, but am also blessed to have such a great relationship with my Mother.

  10. Hugs and blessings from the Netherlands!


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