Friday, December 29, 2017

Best Christmas Gift Ever!

Christmas Eve service
in the Barn!
 It was all lite up and warm.
These girls are sisters and they sang
so beautifully.
(this picture is of them practicing)
All the animals were outside.
The kids had both grandmas
to help celebrate with them.
 The candles were glowing
while we sang
Silent Night
Matching new, PJ's
Christmas morning,
 just before the kids came downstairs.
 Kimmy gave Mark several
surprise gifts to Mark.
Please go over to Kimmy's blog and watch the video 
titled,  Mark's Christmas Present.
It was a great Christmas for all of us.
See you
New Year!!


  1. What a beautiful family Christmas. I really love your header picture. Here in the South snow is either loved or hated. Me, I love it as long as I am not driving. I can drive in it if I have to. But not no no!

  2. Ooh! what wonderful news, Christine, children are such a blessing from the Lord, I wish we had had more. But the grandchildren have added so much to our lives.
    Wishing you and your family the happiest New Years.
    Thank you for visiting and for all your sweet comments.
    Thank you for your friendship.

  3. Just visited some previous posts, loved all the events you had before Christmas, the cookie decorating was a memory the children will cherish, and the girls time out brings back so many memories for me.
    Happy belated birthday wishes to you, Kimmy sounds like a wonderful person and daughter. I am blessed to have a daughter living nearby too!
    I see Kimmy is a new blogger, I will bookmark her blog.

  4. What a wonderful Christmas you had!


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