Thursday, September 13, 2018

Quick Trip

The weather here in Idaho is beautiful.
Tom and I decided to drive up to McCall 
and stay a few days.

So with the top down, we took off.
Pinch me, is this for real?

 It's the end of the vacation season, up in McCall.
Things are slowing down, but still wonderful.

The crowds that use to line the streets are gone and
 the air is crisp.
No smoke from the forest fires and very few tourist.

It's also time for the wildlife to get 
their share of  food before the winter.

This picture was taken just a few feet 
from our places. 
No more walks during the day, 
without someone else.

The deer is another story!
They are so tame. 
These two were eating next to our home.

You can walk right up to them and 
they keep doing what they were doing.

This picture is of them locking horns.
Big guy teaching the little one,
how it's done.

One last stop before the two hour trip home.
We even got a front row table.

Here is our shadow as we were heading home.

The drive is divided into two areas.
When leaving McCall, there are grassy, fields for all the cattle ranches.
The second area, are curvy, twists as we go up the mountains and then down.
The road follows the roaring Payette River,
until we reach the Boise area.
Both are different and thrilling.


"Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away."

Matthew 24:35


  1. What a cool trip. Love your car.

  2. It is a blessing to have two homes isn't it? Although our second home is somewhere much warmer.

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