Saturday, September 8, 2018

We Welcome Nathan!

Nathan Mark, arrived on
August 24, 2018

I love this picture of Kimmy and her children.

This was Kimmy's first hospital birth!
They found out earlier in her pregnancy, that
Nathan needed to be monitored due to antibodies.
Kimmy and Nathan were watched very
carefully during the last months, in the womb.
So a hospital birth seemed the best for Nathan.

He came on a Friday, early evening, at 5:04 pm.

Everyone was in place.
Mark and Kimmy arrived at the hospital Friday morning.
Tom and I were back at their home, 
with the five others!

Things picked up around 4:00.
I got THE call and drove as best I could.
as it was Friday evening, rush hour traffic. 

I walked into their room to see that I had made it!
Mark handed me the camera and said, "Take pictures!".

Praising God for 
 a beautiful moment when 
Nathan arrived, healthy and beautiful!

First time holding Nathan

Everyday I see changes in Nathan. 
He's growing fast!
Kimmy and Mark's children

Lulu, 11 - Levi, 9- Ila May. 7- Silas, 5- Isaac, 2 
Nathan, one week

With a house full of kids, there is always something going on.
Do you remember the Ed Sullivan show?
He presented Erich Brenn.
 Erich would spin plates on tall sticks in a row.
He would try to keep them spinning by going back to the first one and so no.

That's what it feels like sometimes!
Always something going on and you have to be on your toes constantly!

I am a blessed grandma!


" May he grant you your heart's desire and fulfill all your plans."
Psalm 20:4


  1. OH!!!! How lovely, Christine, to have a new baby to coddle, adore and love with all your heart. So very happy for you and all your family.

    Brenda xoxox

  2. Such good news of a safe arrival. Congratulations to you all. Our Seth’s girlfriend is one of 11, all home schooled - maybe Kimmy is on her way :). Nathan is beautiful.

  3. Such a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing. Sunday Blessings ♥ Teri

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  5. Congratulations!!! Yes... I'm so happy for you. I have been thinking of you - all, often!!! Much love. I love the little photobomber. lol.

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