Monday, September 9, 2019

(our grand daughter)
is turning 4 years old

Tom and I are going to be traveling over to Seattle
 to celebrate her birthday!

The invitation sent out to everyone said,

Please join Scarlett for her Pepa Pig party.
Bring a (Used or Handmade) gift if you'd like,
 but not necessary.

I put on my thinking cap and got to work.

Something Girly
Something Handmade
Something She would like 
Something Just for her

Scarlett likes to dress up and 
wear her outfits all day.

I made her a Tutu!

There are a lot of videos on the web.
This one is easy, 

For the waist band, I used elastic 
 That way Scarlett can put the
Tutu on herself, 
without tying a bow.


With the extra material, I made a headband.

A new top and matching leggings
completed the outfit.

We can't wait to see Scarlett 
and her brothers 
Trey and baby Huxley!

Happy 4th birthday Scarlett!


"But from everlasting to everlasting the Lord's love is with those who fear him. and his righteousness with their children's children-" 

Psalm 103:17


  1. I know she will LOVE her present!

  2. Four years old? How did that happen? The years are flying by. I must be getting old. I love the tutu and at her age I would be wearing it all the time. What a great gift.

  3. Happy birthday to your beautiful Scarlett. Oh she is going to love her gift. I love the colors too! My younger grandgirls LOVE playing dress up. I try to look for little girls dress up clothes right after Halloween because they put them on sale. Then I keep them stashed in the play room closet so when they come to Nana's they can DRESS Up. I have old high heels, wigs, and well....Let's just say that play room really needs a cleaning. LOL! Your Scarlett will love her outfit. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Happy fourth birthday to Scarlett, oh! she is going to love her tu tu Christine, her outfit is a perfect gift. She is adorable.
    Have a safe and blessed trip making more memories,

  5. What a sweet grandmother you are, to come up with such a thoughtful, handmade gift!

  6. Scarlett is one of my very favorite names. Happy Birthday!!

  7. Happy 4th birthday to Scarlett! Yayyyy! Our step-granddaughter Nova also just had her 4th birthday, on Friday the 13th! What a cute tutu and headband you made! I've made a couple dress-up outfits like that for Nova. Such fun to make, but more fun to see them wear! Keeping you and your family in prayer! Blessings, my friend! ♥

  8. Oooo ... I hope we get to see the tutu on the birthday girl. What a great birthday present that will be. Have fun, Christine!

  9. Hi Christine!

    Oh my goodness, what a beautiful little grand!! Happy (late)Birthday, Scarlet!!

    The Tutu is adorable! Don't you just love all the tutorials you can find online?! I'm pretty sure Scarlet looked like a little princess wearing her new outfit.

    Hugs and Love,


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