Tuesday, October 29, 2019

What's Up?

This is my favorite tree this time of the year.
Everyday I stop and admire it.
Soon it will loose it's leaves.
I'll have to wait until next year for it's beauty.

Both of our kids and their families got together to
enjoyed a weekend together.

Our son Todd 
Our daughter Kimmy 
And their kids.....

Scarlett, Silas, Ila May, Huxley,
 Lulu, Trey, Levi, Nathan and Isaac.

This is all of them!
(Hi Mark and Stephanie)

 God has blessed us more then I
ever knew He would!

Just one more picture!


Our church has a Harvest Festival each year.

There are so many activities to participate in.
Relay races, tug of war, horse rides, make your own caramel apple,
hay rides. 
This year the younger kids had
Pumpkin Play Dough.
Each could make a tiny pie out of the play dough and take it home.

Kimmy was in charge of this activity.

Every family had a chance to get photo taken.
So fun!

 For the Foodies in our church,
we have two contests.
A Chili contest and
 the most popular, the

This year there were over 25 pies entered!!

Tom has been a Pie Judge for the 3rd year in a row.
A highly coveted position!
Angie and I were in charge of this event.
 A lot of stress!
Boys, girls, women and men all hovering over 
the pies, debating which looks the best.
Or wondering if theirs won!

When the Judges were done, the winner is announced.
Plates and forks came out and everyone digs in.

Whew!! Our job is done!

Ila May made  her 1st Apple Pie and entered it.
No ribbon but it was delicious.
Here she is showing off her pie and
 her play dough pie, too.


Every year we gather around in a huge circle 
and listen to someone's testimony
 before we bless the food and eat.

This year Tom told his story.

It was wonderful!

This is Tom with a microphone.
Tom wanted me to stand next to him, which was an honor to stand shoulder to shoulder with him.

Until next Harvest Festival...


Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life and only a few find it."

Matthew 7:13-14


  1. This is wonderful! So different from our Harvest Day at church. I'm going to show this to my pastor. It sounds like such a fun day.

  2. Christine, love your Fall festival pics and especially the fact your husband shared his testimony. I grew up in a small church and testimonies were a regular part of our services. We don't really do that in the larger churches I've attended as an adult and I miss it! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love all the pictures Christine and the Fall festival looks and sounds like so much fun. Those babies are surely growing. Makes me smile big! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. wow!! What fun!! That PIE contest and it has me so curious. Judged on appearance or taste, or both .... or, how did that go down? (accept my unintended pun!) Lucky Tom!!!

    1. Hi Bev, the contest has 4 winners. One is Best Looking, which is open to ALL to vote.
      Then there is Apple, Pumpkin and last is Miac. pie category.
      The Judges judge, just one type of pie, like Apple. They look for taste, crust and texture. Each pie category has 3 judges.
      We have two brothers who bake a pie for the Misc. category. This year one entered a Taco Pie and the other entered a Quiche. They didn't win but everyone always looks forward to see what they bring. It's a hoot!

  5. What a wonderful and blessed life you have! I love seeing photos of your family. All those little ones are so cute! Enjoy your week!

  6. Such a beautiful sweet family you have Christine, and how wonderful to get them all together! Such a blessing! And oh my, that Harvest Festival looked wonderful, so much fun for everyone! But I would not want to be part of the pie contest, I would want everyone to win, lol! How awesome that your husband gave his testimony too. God is good! Blessings to you!!!

  7. Do you know what kind of tree that is? It is gorgeous, never seen one that shape.

    Oh to be a pie judge! Even better to have all the wonderful family gatherings you do. Now I'll go and listen to your husband's testimony.

    1. It was a blessing to hear your husband's humble testimony.

  8. OH! Christine there is not enough words to say How much Tom's testimony has blessed me! I have found that God's timing is perfect. Please tell Tom how blessed I was I pray that doors will open for him to continue to share, the love and grace of God.
    You and Tom have a beautiful,wonderful family,.
    Your tree is so beautiful, I am afraid our Bradford pears might not show their colors this year due to the drought all summer, I am hoping they will.
    From the video it looks like you have a close knit church family, our church is like that.

  9. Just wanted to stop in and say hello! That tree is surreal! Just beautiful.

    Your family is sooo precious. Love the idea of a pumpkin pie contenst too.

    Thanks so much for sharing, I will be listening to that testimony too. What a great idea to share a testimony!

    I've been out of pocket and this evening God put it on my heart to come see what you were up to. : )

    Have a great evening! You are loved with an everlasting love! Hugs! ~Amelia

  10. I'd be sad to see that tree wane too! What a beauty!

    And what a thrill for a mama/grandma to have all of her children/grandchildren in the same place at the same time!

    I'd like to come back and hear Tom's testimony, but it is late here and I am waning. Another day . . .

  11. What a wonderful weekend!

    I have to tell you how very blessed I was to watch the video and hear your husband's testimony. It is precious that you stood right beside him, as he spoke. There are so many families in similar circumstances, praying and waiting. It is encouraging and so incredible to hear of answered prayer! Your husband did a wonderful job sharing his testimony and that of your family. Thank you!

  12. Chris, I just realized that the video was of Tom's testimony. I just listened to it. Something drew me back here this morning and there is no doubt in my mind that it was the Holy Spirit! What an awesome God we serve. Tom's testimony brought tears to my eyes as I listened to his heart. You standing there with him in support, melted my old heart. His words, "Every moment we have is by God's Grace" was a WOW moment this morning. I give praise to our Lord for saving Tom's life, spiritually and physically. What an awesome testimony and I can only imagine how many lives have been touched by it. Thank you for sharing and do not know how I missed it the first time. But, so glad I was drawn back this morning. I have someone very near to my heart that I plan on sharing this with. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  13. Oh my, such a full rich package of wonderful experiences. That tree is exquisite, I can see why you keep looking at it. I sure would be. Off to listen to your Tom's testimony.

    Wishes for a beautiful day for a beautiful lady! Brenda xox

  14. You have a beautiful family! What a blessing to have so many grandchildren. I am still waiting on my first grandchild. (Hopefully, next year.)

    are you still living in Nampa? You may remember me from a couple years ago. I've been on a blog break, but have recently returned, taking my formerly private blog and turning it public. (I deleted the blog you knew, Joy in the Middle).

    Anyhow, we moved from Nampa into Boise last November. But I am still a neighbor of sorts.

    Patti @ This Beautiful Life

  15. I know I'm a day late and a dollar short as we say here in the south! Haha!

    I *finally* was able to finish listening to your husband's testimony! I was having trouble hearing it on my pc so I watched on my channel master on tv. Did you know that your family was on tv? : ) It was wonderful! Oh what a precious testimony, a really, really good testimony. My husband and I were both very blessed by it. My husband used to play in a Contemporary Christian band and the band and us wives would go into drug rehabs and prisons to minister. It was wonderful. My husband and I later would be part of Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship and even were to attend and were able to bring our little girls to the inmates Christmas party as we stood in as the *real* family of one of the prisoners. Those prisoners were so precious, they sang Happy Birthday to me over the phone in the chaplains office one year and I have such fond memories. My husband had been into drugs and alcohol before I met him, he played in a secular band. He has been redeemed and was a new Christian when I met him. He is still considered a volunteer chaplain at one of the prisons.

    I just think the testimony is wonderful and the sillouette of you two standing there is just beautiful! I think it's all a good warning of what alcohol can do to even a family man. My husband just thought it was wonderful that your husband took that graveyard shift, how neat. Working with special needs children is also sooo wonderful. It's all so very fulfilling I'm sure. God sure knows what He is doing right? : )

    Thank you so much for sharing and adding to the Beauty. God is sooooooo Goood!


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