Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Stay At Home Grandma - Week 2

So far so good!

We attended Church, well kinda.
Mark and Kimmy had us down to watch our church service, 
that was streamed live.
We followed the rule of  limit of 10 people!

We were given a format to follow.
Announcements were announced.
Worship songs were sung.
Prayers were said.
Notes were taken.
The service ended with an intimate fellowship.

It felt good to know that we are in this together!

It's Spring and I started my vegetable garden by
planting seeds. 

Our 2nd bathroom has a great skylight!
So great, that the seeds are all ready sprouted!!!

It snowed today! Now what?? 
I guess they'll stay in the tub.

Look who spent the day with us.
It is always a good time when we have a 
grand kid or two come over.
Especially, when we are isolating.

He got right to work spraying hard surfaces!

Banjo is keeping us laughing and busy!
His Breeder sent him a surprise package,
 full of toys and treats.

Banjo doesn't look surprised.
More like.... scared.

But that didn't last long.

Speaking of Banjo...

Banjo found Isaac's lost sock under this chair!

This is Isaac's reaction when his mom told him
Banjo found his sock!

I'm  keeping busy sewing another Birthday present.
This time it's for Ila May.

She's turning 9 years old.
She loves to be in the kitchen cooking or baking!

I made her a special apron.

I had the material left over from when I made an apron for her mom.

I didn't have a pattern but I found a great tutorial on line.

And I didn't have to leave home for material or pattern!

I've always called myself a Stay-At-Home -Grandma.
And now it's literal.


"Serve the Lord with gladness. Come before Him with joyful singing."
Psalm 100:2


  1. Looks like you guys are making the most of your time at home. We watched church this week and last. It was...different...but we were happy to have the opportunity to go. Cute apron!!

  2. Good for you guys! We watch church online on Saturday (our normal church day instead of choosing Sunday times). Very cute apron!

  3. Banjo is so cute and so is Isaac! I'm glad Banjo now has all his shots and hopefully can stay at home for a while except for those car rides. I've begged my two dachshunds not to get sick during this time. Our great-great granddaughter is due in a little over a month and I know that there will likely be a long time before we can see her.

    Did you experience the earthquake yesterday? Our daughter called last night to assure us they were okay even though they were without power from it and their dogs very shook up. And then they had 10 inches of snow this morning! They live in Montana but said the epicenter was in Idaho so I hope that all of you are okay.

    We're living in unusual days, aren't we?

  4. Stay at home grandma is a wonderful title, Christine, you did a superb job on the apron! I would love to get back to sewing, but time isn't on my side.
    Your seeds look wonderful good luck with your garden, I know those grandkids will enjoy helping.
    I love the rules for Sunday service at home, and that you and your dh were able to be with your family! You truly have a beautiful precious family.


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