Thursday, November 5, 2009

#2 - Little Things That I'm Thankful For...

I'm Norwegian and I really like my coffee - black.
I only drink one cup a day and as you can see, it's a big cup.
I am thankful for that first steaming cup of coffee in the morning. Tom usually prepares the pot and sets the timer in the evening, so when I get up, it's already for me. I savor that cup all morning long.
Don't sleep under more than three layers. A third blanket adds virtually no insulation because it squeezes out the air layers. A down or fiberfill comforter over a wool blanket and flannel sheets is good combination.


  1. Christine, I like coffee too, but I need it with cream and a little sugar. We enjoy our coffee first thing in the morning. Sometimes we'll have another cup if we go to our favourite cafe where they make the most wonderful lattes.

    I have a a couple of friends with Norwegian heritage. One friend makes potato somethings this time of year, and she always shares a little plate with us (just lost the name of the cookie).

    What sorts of Norwegian goodies do you like to make?

  2. Brenda,
    The cookie that you must be describing is called Krumkake. It's a cone that is filled with whipping cream and berries or cream and jam or just plain whipping cream. Ummmmm....


  3. Yummmm!! I drink my coffee Black too, in fact so does my hubby. I thought he was pulling my leg when he first told me that. Do You know how easy that is?? I love it... we can always have a good, hot cup of coffee (of course, that is debatable- depends where you're getting it from)and we don't have to worry about finding "cream and sugar" to doctor it up with. Now, about those cookies...Is there a recipe?? In the future??

  4. I love my morning coffee, too! I have to drink decafe, or even my one cup (large like yours) per morning would send me shaking all afternoon! Have a wonderful morning! Dee Dee

  5. I'm drinking my cup as I blog hop.


  6. I totally agree about being thankful for coffee!...but I drink the whole pot! hee!


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