Monday, January 4, 2010



I love doing laundry!
This week Tom and I added some details to our small laundry room.
He put up a very deep shelf above the machines. I bought cubby boxes and added labels.

Sunday was my last day of Christmas vacation. I spent the day doing laundry. It sounds crazy but I really do enjoy doing the laundry. When we didn't have a washer and had to go to the Laundry Mat, I didn't mind. But it's so much better at home, in a finished laundry room.

As I was putting away my clothes I noticed that my "experiment" was working!
Last fall, I decided to reassess my closet. It all started when I brought out my winter clothes. I decided to hang everything backwards. When I wore something, I put it a way the correctly. That way, I could see what my "go to" clothes were and what I didn't wear. I also decided, to put away my clean clothes inside out. If it was inside out, it was clean!

Looks like I can get rid of some clothes!
So it's back to work and my clothes are ready, but am I?



Instead of using expensive fabric-softener sheets, pour one-forth cup white vinegar in the last rinse of the washing cycle. This eliminates static ling, helps remove wrinkles, gives clothes a fresh smell by removing soap and cleans the drains of the washer by removing soap scum, and lint.


  1. I don't mind doing laundry, but I hate to iron! Your laundry room looks so organized..a woman's dream. I love the cubbies, etc.

    Blessings, andrea

  2. Lovely laundry room! I like to do laundry, too!'s the bathrooms and kitchen floor that I procrastinate on!

  3. I save my laundry to do once a week! Wayne and I hope to redo the laundry room at the end of January. Our Mastiff decided to "create" a beautiful design on the floor and back of the door the week we were on vacation and left her with the dog sitter. Hopefully it will turn out as nice as yours!... Dee Dee

  4. I can't believe you enjoy doing the laundry too. Your laundry room looks so nicely organized. The bins are a great idea, as is the helpful advice about vinegar that you shared. If I read this blog for the next year, I will be so much smarter. Seriously, I like the tidbits.
    Happy day to you!

  5. I don't mind doing laundry either...and I even like to iron! Imagine that!

    I like your new shelf in the laundry room. I've been on the look out for one at the goodwill to fit behind my washer/dryer as well. So far no luck but I'll keep looking. I may just have to fashion one myself from Home Depot or something. It's on my to-do list for 2010.

    Happy New Year by the way!

  6. I love the hint about backwards hangers. I am going to try it in my new closet. I too am back to work/school after the Christmas break. It is good to see the kids again but hard to leave my slippers and leisurely morning coffee.

  7. Hey that the laundry room is done, what is next? You are super!

    Your pal, and husband of 31 glorius years (just like Ozzie & Harriet) Tom G.

  8. Good looking laundry room, should have seen mine yesterday--Hubby was home and decided to HELP??? while I was at work, washed an old velux blanket--his words were looked like 5 lbs. of oatmeal in the washer! Still getting "oatmeal" on the clothes and out of the washer. Oh well, valuable lesson learned.

  9. That laundry room looks wonderful!! I wouldn't mind doing laundry in there myself!! Love the hints about the hangers and the vinegar! Thank you so much for some new ideas!

  10. I just cleaned out my laundry room over the break. Besides being a place to wash clothes it had become a catch-all for stuff that didn't have a real home! It still doesn't look as good as yours, but it's better!
    And I really like the idea of turning hangers around to see what clothes you really wear! Great tip!
    PS Thanks for your support. I appreciate it!

  11. After your first week back aren't you glad it's the weekend?!


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