Saturday, March 6, 2010

El Nino Weather

Here in the Pacific Northwest we are experiencing El Nino weather.

What is an El Nino?

"An El Niño is a temporary change in the climate of the Pacific ocean, in the region around the equator. You can see its effects in both the ocean and atmosphere, generally in Northern Hemisphere winter. Typically, the ocean surface warms up by a few degrees celsius. At the same time, the place where hefty thunderstorms occur on the equator moves eastward. Although those might seem like small differences, it nevertheless can have big effects on the world's climate."

Today, Tom and I just had to get out and enjoy the weather.
We went to a local winery and I wasn't the only one with a camera!


This was the temperature in our backyard


Dinner at sunset

Finished the evening with a heart in my latte' .
Love'n it!

To make a handy pin cushion, glue a small sponge to the corner of your sewing machine.


  1. Isn't the weather just glorious? I'm glad you guys got out to enjoy yourselves in the great Northwest.
    I just love the cherry blossom trees against the blue sky. Thanks for the great pix.

    I stayed home all day feeling pretty yucky with a cold or bad allergies (not sure yet).

    Happy Sunday,

  2. Sounds like a perfect day. Gives me something to look forward to - outside adventures. Our day was spent doing "inside things" to escape the cold. Movie (Crazy Heart), lunch and browsing at an Antique Co-Op. Did you find a wine you liked?

  3. It looked like a beautiful day! You pictured some gorgeous photos...your dinner at sunset must have been amazing.

  4. How beautiful the weather looks! We are slowly warming up here in the Midwest (the snow is almost gone) and we are looking forward to an almost-50-degree day today. And the sun is shining! Thanks for sharing your wonderful day.

  5. Beautiful...blessings, andrea

  6. Oh, we've had glorious days in Oregon also. When walking our furry daughter yesterday our neighborhood park had Magnolia trees with lovely flowers, but no leaves. Looked really weird. I also noticed my blueberry bushes are starting to bud so I hope when the weather turns cold again it doesn't ruin my berries.

    I love visiting wineries. One of my favorite ways to spend a lazy weekend.

  7. Christine,
    Wow, what a beautiful part of the country you live in! Those trees are stunning! It's been in the mid forties for a few day here, my kids think it is summer, we keep having to remind them to put on a jacket! Enjoy the "real" warm weather for me!
    Dee Dee

  8. Looks like a PERFECT day to me!! Warm weather, beautiful scenery, a winery, food, good company and a cup of heart! =) I can see why you are lovin' it!

  9. Great scenery, great wine, great food and great is good!!! Glad to hear you are enjoying wonderful weather. Jude

  10. Love those rare perfect days.

  11. How romantic!!! makes for great memories... days like this, eh?

  12. The past couple of days have been warming up out here in the Northeast, but no apple blossoms yet. I live very near the apple orchard and am beginning to feel quite anxious for all those beauties to BLOOM!
    El Nino has been pouring lots of rain on my brother in the Arizona desert this year!
    Looks like you had a lovely day! Thanks for sharing the springtime preview!

  13. If I drank that, I'd be up all night! And probably cleaning house or washing the vehicles. Caffeine can be a wonderful thing when administered early in the day:)
    What a beautiful blooming tree. I look so forward to something that isn't white!
    Toodles, Debbie

  14. We used to have a peach tree that looked just like that when it bloomed!

    I want that latte!

  15. So while I was shoveling muck out of the pond, you were having a romantic remarkable day -- It looks so beautiful. What a wonderful day!

  16. Oh the Chateau is always prettiest in spring on sunny days!!! Gorgeous shots and a lovely day. Thanks for sharing!

    Deb @ Retreat


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