Monday, July 5, 2010

Roses and Rain don't mix well





. . . . . . . . . .
The rain has attacked my Roses!
Heavy with moisture and stripped of their leaves.
Most of them are bent over
like a Giraffe reaching for water.

Prune, I must, so that they can survive.
It does make a great bouquet for the nose and eyes.
. . . . . . . . .



"Yes, your roses will re-grow the leaves, make buds and flower again but pruning them back by a third will certainly help. It activates their vigour as they try to replace the cut off growth. Use Alfalfa Meal as a sort of rose tonic. You can get it at some garden centers and always at a farm and feed store. Just make sure it isn't the rabbit food Alfalfa Meal only the plain one. I think it is used as horse food. "


  1. Christine,
    You have one of the greenest thumbs around! I only keep plants that are guaranteed to live due to neglect and lack of water! Your roses are beautiful and I'm sure they smell are pretty as they look! Love your sweet poem too!
    Dee Dee

  2. I can almost smell them from here. I love their color... so beautiful.

  3. When they're droopy like this they feel very English, straight out of a country cottage garden.

  4. How poetic you are Christine! You certainly do have a green thumb. They do look lovely. Jude

  5. The last few days have found us water-logged, as well. Can't seem to find a happy medium. Great tip!

  6. I enjoyed your posting..... like getting a glimpse of your kitchen. Beautiful roses. Had to chuckle at your giraffe image.

  7. I need to prune mine!

  8. Hi Christine!
    I found your blog when I was hopping around looking for Susan Branch stuff. I see you are a school secretary who loves the kids. (happy, happy heart!)
    I am an English teacher who loves the kids!
    I do love my summers though. I'm sorry it's raining so much in the PNW. I grew up there and remember many rainy days of summer. Nice to meet you. Come on over and say hi!

  9. Friends!
    Blogger is at it again! Most my comments have disappeared.
    We all enjoy comments and when something like this happens I feel bad.

  10. I am thankful that I read your blog today. My roses need so much help. We have the opposite problem. Our weather is extremely hot and dry. I am going to prune my roses and give them some of that feed. I think your bouquet is beautiful!


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