Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This is our walkway leading up to our front door.
We live in a cul-de sac and don't have a lot of traffic.
Just a friendly neighbors.

This is what it looks like from the front door looking out.
(our driveway and the street is to the left, at the end of the walk)
We have a small patio, with a bistro table.
We like to sit here and say "Hi" to our neighbors in the evenings,
or read the newspaper.
Occasionally, some neighbors will stop by or come over to
join us for some refreshments.
Other times we will wait out here for our guests.

This is our tomato plant. We encourage everyone to
pick and eat, either on the way in and on their way out.
But look closely, do you see some lettuce?

Yes, lettuce!
It's a volunteer.
I don't plant lettuce because we have so many slugs.
(we have a lot of rain)
Last year we had a huge tomato plant that grew all on it's own.

Volunteers are so much fun to see where they might pop up.


Slugs and Snails: To keep slugs away from sensitive plants sprinkle eggshells around them. Ash and grit are also supposed to be effective. It is also possible to trap slugs using containers in the ground that have some beer in the bottom. Empty grapefruit halves work as well. Vaseline smeared around plant pots stops slugs getting to the plants inside. –


  1. Christine,
    Your yard is so very pretty and inviting! I would spend hours outside, reading, talking, sharing, praying, day dreaming if I had such a beautiful yard!
    How neat about the lettuce, with the tomatoes... you've got yourself a fantastic salad!
    Thank you for your prayers regarding Abby, it has only been one day and she is greatly missed, but I know it is only by the prayers of others and God's grace... that I making it thru today without crying buckets of tears, only small tea cups instead!
    Dee Dee

  2. I have never heard that term before ~ voulnteers. We had a voulnteer plant last year and it took us most of the summer to identify it. It grew all around our pool and up the fence. Turned out to be a pumpkin vine and it gave us three good size pumpkins. The best we can imagine is that perhaps a bird dropped the seed (one way or another)??

  3. I wanna come and visit... and sit on that chair by the little table, and pet your puppy! Can I invite myself over?

  4. How inviting. If I arrive I may not leave for a while. Jude

  5. I am dreaming of tomatoes. Both our tomato plants died. It has been so hot and dry, here. Even though my husband watered them..they just baked. I am sad...I sooo wanted fresh tomatoes.

  6. Your property and seating areas are so beautifully manicured and lush with flowers and plants. I picture sitting at that table with my early morning cup of coffee. I never thought of volunteer plants growing. I like the fact that you offer some tomatoes to your friends when they stop in.

  7. How nice of you to offer fresh tomatoes to your guests! I think that is such a thoughtful idea! I may look to see about finding a container for a tomato plant to do the same! Thank you for a great idea, Christine!
    Bless you!

  8. It would sure be fun to live in your cul-de-sac!! That is wild about the volunteer lettuce! How cool is that??!! Your front entry is beautiful by the way!


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