Friday, July 9, 2010

Thursday at Friday Harbor

This is like one of those "come over and look at our slides" type of post.
Lots of pictures.
Tom and I took a day trip, last Thursday and drove up to the
San Juan Islands via a ferry boat.
Our destination was Friday Harbor.
The summer weather finally arrived.

This is us, boarding the Ferry Boat early in the morning.
View of one of the hundreds of big and small islands up here.
View of the Ferry wake.
After a hour and half ride, Friday Harbor is in view.
Driving off the boat.
We decided to drive to Roche Harbor on the other side of the Island.
This is the Hotel De Haro at Roche Harbor
with it's beautiful grounds.
We walked up and down the docks looking at all the yachts.
And I mean YACHTS!! Really BIG boats!!
People come for the day, or weeks. Spending time relaxing.
More walking...
This is how people get to shore, while their yacht is tied up.
Couldn't resist taking this picture of four ladies,
all reading and sunbathing on the back of their boat!
How fun!!
Walking back to shore.
Notice the two flags... lots of Canadians come here because
it is so close to the border.
This is the restaurant where we had lunch.
Of course, we ate outside!!
Look at all those yachts!

Look at what I ate!
Crab Louie, best salad I've eaten in a long time.

Pizza for Tom.
Look at that plate... cute presentation.
Our walk back to our car.

Then off to see the Orca Whales!

Fifteen minutes later we arrived.

We walked down this beautiful trail to the water.

Watch point for whale watching.

Ahh... there's one!!
(double click to enlarge)

Actually, it was a pod of "Killer" Whales.

Back up the trail.
Being the blogger I am, couldn't resist this picture.

Back at Friday Harbor. More boats.

Did someone say ice cream?

Look who is in the ice cream shop.

Ummm, so delicious, on a warm day.

Just had to take this picture of the
"walk on" passengers, departing the ferry.


Our Titanic moment.
See our shadows?

Another ferry passing before us,
with Mount Baker in the background.

We arrived home about 8:00 PM.
Our mini vacation was perfect.
Yes, we plan on doing it again.
Anyone want to come with us?

Dashboard Dining: bring along lots of snacks and drinks. You'll have much more control over when and where to stop, if you can quench a thirst on the spot, or postpone a meal.


  1. We want to come! Looks like you had a blast. I'm so glad you guys had so much fun.

  2. Me! Me! I want to come along! I love little mini-vacations.. you have a fun day and get to sleep in your own bed! The crab salad looked delicious! Glad ya'll had such a fun day!

  3. I want to go! :) We took the kids on a whale watch when they were little, and I remember my youngest saying "This is SO Borinnnnnng!" That is, until we started to see whales...close to the boat...breaching on both sides, a mother with her calf! Then, all of a sudden I heard her say, "This is the best day of my life!" And you know, it really was one of the best days of my life too! Looks like your mini- vacation was perfect! Thanks for inspiring the memories!

  4. Umm, hello? Yes I want to come with you! That looks like a perfect summer day. Those pictures are gorgeous!

  5. I love these kinds of posts that take me along on a fun excursion. What fabulous surroundings.

  6. I'm in! It's a pleasure to meet you Christine - thank you for coming by my blog. Your post is an example of why I LOVE blogging- I got to go all the way across the country and have a visit with a new friend whille sitting in my pjs at home. Looks like we have lots and common. Look forward to this connection growing!

  7. Fun! I feel like I was almost there...a mini 3 minute vacation! ha. What a gorgeous day you had. You are too cute in your it.

  8. If I.....
    lived close I would join you for a trip..
    had a boat, we could lounge in the sun together..
    could dream, that would be the kind of place I dream about...
    was there, I would have I would have taken a photo of the big tree too!

    I just love the photo of you and Tom at lunch...what a great couple! Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos of your day trip!
    Dee Dee

  9. What a wonderful trip!!
    I enjoyed your "slide show" and lunch looked DELISH!! :)
    Thanks again for your comments on my little blog. :)
    Have an awe inspiring day. <3

  10. I love it there and haven't been there in years. When I was in high school a bunch of friends and I backpacked on many of the San Juan islands Your post brought pack fun memories!!

  11. What a fun adventure! We took a ferry one time when Amanda was living in Seattle (2004 - Capital Hill) but didn't take our car, thinking we could walk around and explore at our destination. When we got to the island it was clear that a car was a necessity so we got on the ferry and headed right back. I will have to ask Amanda if it was the same island as your adventure.


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