Friday, December 30, 2011

Play Time

 I was invited to go and play with the grandchildren.
It was an early play date, 7:30 AM.
Good thing I'm an early riser.
This play area is at the Mall. We were the first to arrive.
 I tried to keep up...
 Seems like all I could get was the rear ends.
 Still trying!
 OK... got an action shot, still the backside.
 Yea! A front shot. Got to be quick.
 I need a nap!
Kimmy is really good about quickly posting her pictures.
You can see more here.

Later that evening we went out for dinner.

 Tom and I are still watching our diets.
We found a Vietnamese Noodle Soup restaurant.
Mmmmm Good!

Even Ila May enjoyed sipping.

It was a fun day!


  1. The kids sure had fun. So did I!

  2. Looks like you day was fun even from behind!
    Dee Dee

  3. Sounds like a fun--and maybe a little tiring--day. :-) I keep hoping I'll have a grandchild before I'm too old to enjoy it!

  4. How fun, precious and I would exchange my day for yours...I was cleaning and organizing.

    Great day!!...and well worth being tired at the end.

  5. WOW! That mall has a great play area!! (Interesting how you note those as a grandparent. LOL!) So glad you were able to have such a fun day and end it with a yummy meal!! blessings ~ tanna

  6. Christine, you have the "funnest" times, I do declare! I told The Man the other day, by the time we have a grandbaby I'll be too worn out to enjoy him (or her). Oh well .... I'm loving my great-niece.

  7. Christine
    What a sweet shot of the kiddies in action. You are so right about it being hard to get photos of them when they are moving! I found that out over the last week.
    I love the old fashioned names your daughter and SIL have chosen for their children. The girls names that we have in my family.
    You look great too Christine! As
    does your hubby. I'm sure it hasn't been easy dieting. But with both of you doing it together, that must help.
    Have a great New Year's Eve!

  8. This just warms my heart Christine! making memories is what family is about. I am still drawing off of my childhood memories.
    Blessings this New year.

  9. Hi Christine, What a great grandma you are to get up that early; of course I'm not an early bird during the winter. Loved seeing your grands and love the flower on your little ones head-your hubby looks so content holding her.
    Happy New Year; I'm so glad I got to know you and look forward to next year!
    Hugs, Noreen

  10. What a fun play area! Looks like a great time was had by all of you! You are very Blessed!!

  11. How fortunate your little ones are. I know the tired feeling you expressed, because after an event like that, I sometimes feel so tired. I wish our mall had a playground like yours.


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