Saturday, June 13, 2015

Visiting Home

Going back "home" was like a vacation.
But the best part was this!
We arrived well after Trey's bedtime, so in the morning I got up early
 and waited for him to wake up.

It was better than I had dreamed about!
We were inseparable for hours.

Our time together was spent on walks, a ferry boat ride, a bon fire, cooking, eating,
singing, reading, playing cars ("Play cars Ommie"), snugging and loving each other!

Image result for john deere tractors

We brought over some things for Trey.
Since we live in Farm Land, I thought 
things about John Deer would be perfect.
I also, put together a packet about the history
 and some fun facts about the company.

Trey, don't grow up to fast.

"Ommie loves you more than 
there are stars in the sky."


  1. Awwwww, so precious! Those cuddles and hugs are what makes being a grandma so great! So glad you got to spend some fun time with your darling Trey!

  2. Oh my, such a sweet little blessing. I see the love between you. How very special, the precious time spent together. ♥ Weekend Blessings

  3. brought tears to my eyes! Yes, Trey...don't grow up too fast!!
    Hugs from Shirley

  4. Ahhhh... this is wonderful. I feel the love and tenderness and the great joy! So glad you let us enjoy a glimpse of your visit 'home'. Brenda xox

  5. That is just adorable. In a few years he'll be old enough to come visit you for a week or so....smothered by grands and cousins. haha....

  6. This post made me cry. I know those type of hugs, and the way you can't wait to see them. I love the pictures of you two and the sweet gifts that you bought for him. Such a dear post!


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