Sunday, June 7, 2015

I'm getting ready for
wet, sloppy kisses 
Crusher Hugs!

I'm going to have a
(click here for explanation)

We are going back to the Seattle area
to visit with our son Todd, Stephanie
and grandson Trey.

Last time I saw Trey was, well... 
a LONG  time ago!
Plus, I need to check on my patient, Stephanie.
I'm going to be her Doula.
They are having a little girl, around Sept. 10.

I don't know if we can cram everything into 
these few short days.
But I'm going to try!
I am so excited to see them!

I'm leaving you with a picture of some
 "broken-off" flowers.
 I made an cheery arrangement from them.
The yellow flowers are from my 
tomato plant. Ooops!


  1. Have a safe trip. I know Trey is looking forward to seeing you as much as you are him.

  2. fun! Trey will be so excited to see you!
    Take pictures!

  3. I'll bet Trey is excited. It's hard living any distance from your kids. Ours returned from Okinawa and now live 15 hours away in the NE. We don't see them any more often!
    Looking forward to hearing about it. Be safe!

  4. Have a great time! I love the flowers, and I'm pretty sure I have a vase like that. Mom would put daffodils in it in the Spring.

  5. ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY! making those wonderfl memories, Christine, congratulations on the new grand baby girl to come!

  6. Oh, Trey will have a huge hug for his g'mother!
    Congrats to all on the new g'baby too.
    Have fun, Christine.

  7. This is always a special time for all ages - the grandparent visit.

  8. Have a great trip, friend!


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