Monday, August 8, 2016

Hall of Fame

Growing up I always knew what I wanted to be.
A Grandma!
For me, a grandma was a perfect "job".

The job description would go something like this;
To be a grandma, you had to be a mother and
 have children.
To be a mother, you had to be married.
Before you got married, you'd have to fall in love.
A daunting task, but I was determined.

Tom and I watched the induction of eight men
into the Football Hall of Fame.
(hang in there, I didn't fall off my topic)
These were men who played outstanding football
and were acknowledged 
for all their years of efforts.
They each spoken about their humble beginnings
and recognized their families
 for standing by them
during the hard times and the good times.

Back to my story...

I fell in love with Tom.
We got married.
We were blessed with two children,
Todd and Kimmy
And then they each had children!
That's when my "job" was fulfilled, 

My humble beginnings are for another time.
Right now, I want to thank 
Todd, Stephanie, 
Mark and Kimmy!
Your love for each other
 and for me!
For being there through the
good times and the bad.
I couldn't of done it without all of you.

Being a grandma and having
 grandchildren is so special.
 I wanted to recognize and uplift each one!
 I came up with a plan to do just that.

For the day of the week, 
 that they were born on,
 I visibly, wear a symbol or color
to represent each of them.
On their day, I pray for them 
through out the day,
Sometimes I mail or drop off small gifts. 

This is our newest grandchild, Isaac.
Mister Blue Eyes!
Both mom and dad have brown eyes.
Three out of four grandparents have brown eyes.

Isaac has these beautiful, blue eyes.
I'm thinking they came from me!
That's how I came up with
wearing the color, Baby Blue
on Mondays, starting today!
(I waited until today ,
to make sure his eyes didn't change!)

 Baby Blue Monday

                  Lulu                    Levi                   Ila May
  Pink Tuesday         Denim Sat.           Heart Monday
             Trey                 Silas                Scarlett
     Star Wed.          Hersey Kiss       Rose Bud Friday

I feel I have reached my Hall of Fame.
Blessed beyond what words can say.
I love my job! 

My husband, Tom, has a blog.
click here to read his version of the
Football Hall of Fame.


"But from everlasting to everlasting the Lord's love is with those who fear him, and his rightness with their children's children."
                                                           ~ Psalms 103: 17~  


  1. Oh, Issac is so cute and so happy looking!
    I like your special idea for keeping each of your grands close to your heart each day, Christine.

  2. That is a sweet way to remember each of your grandchildren. I know they must be looking for their symbol each week.

  3. Hey! That is just tooo cute! I know what you mean about being a grandma. I think of all I've tried my hand at and this is the best of all. You're right. I went and read Tom's post and if I didn't know better I'd think he was Handyman's brother. They basically had the same sort of dad. What a wonderful man Tom has become. Isn't God good? I know he's very thankful for you. You both are just the nicest people, and you live out your faith in the best way, with love and kindness. I wish every child had parents and grands like you two.
    Have a great week just doin what you do and having a wonderful time doing it. :D

  4. I am officially a Vista Woman wanna be. You never cease to amaze me.

  5. What a cute post and you are now inducted into the Grandma Hall of Fame. No question about it.

  6. My dear Christine, this was such a precious post and your words brought tears to my eyes. My Grandma Betty was incredibly special to me and because of her sweet testimony I desire to be just like her when I'm a grandmother {which will be a while as my son is not yet 10}.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely and encouraging post. Hugs!

  7. Chris, this is a beautiful post. I'm not a grandma yet, but I'm looking forward to the day I am. (Not too vocally, since daughter just got married last October).

    What an awesome idea you came up with to do something special for each grandchild on an ongoing basis. You lucked out, didn't you, that you only have one repetitive day, that being Monday. You still have Sunday available for another grandchild's birthday.

    Isaac is SO cute!

    Hoping we can get together soon.


  8. How blessed! Such beautiful grands and all so precious.

    I love the way you shared your dream with us.

    It takes a while to get to be a grandma, but no doubt it's been well worth the wait!!


  9. Such a beautiful posting. Thank you for sharing this encouraging post. You are one special wife, mom and grandma. Your love for your family shines through in everything that you share.

  10. Well I agree with all of this!!! I too, love being a grand mommy. I have six kids and six grands, so each has a day I pray for them. I love your idea. I also love the order you put it in, marriage before kids and grands. We don't see that a lot now days, but I still think it is the best plan. Blessings! on your hall of fame.

  11. Wonderful story and such beautiful children ♥


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