Thursday, October 25, 2012

Apartment Update

 I want to introduce you to

James is the man who allows you down the street, when it's all clear.
He usually is stationed just outside our driveway, which happens to be the middle of the road.
Over the past six months we all have gotten to know him well.
He arrives at 6:30 A.M.
He is the last guy to go home, usually around 7:00 P.M.
A few times while eating dinner, we look out the window and there is James, still working.

James has it pretty good around here.
The neighborhood has
adopted him.
We bring him refreshening drinks during the heat of the day.
Warm cookies out of the oven.
Hot coffee early in the morning.
Hint: most of the workers like bananas.
Easy to eat and comes with it's own wrapper.

James is always good for a huge smile and a friendly wave.
Never forgetting our names, as he says, "Have a good day."

Come to find out, James is our neighbor!
He lives in a condo at the end of our street.
We couldn't have a better neighbor.

The decks are being installed

The curbs are being poured.

~ ~ ~ ~ 

Looking down the street,
you can see the first building.
It's complete!
There's even a sign out front.

Look at the landscaping!

It's an Open House!

The first tenants will move are moving in soon.
"Our" apartments will be finished around mid-November.

What an I going to do when they are completed?
What am I talking about!
They haven't started building the condos next door.


  1. Oh, Christine - I just don't know what to say! Your beautiful field "vista" gone and now this! James has been a blessing, I'm sure, but I don't know that I could be happy with apartment houses out my front view. Hope you have the time to get out into more scenic surroundings to fill up your inspiration pool!

  2. So much building going on around you! Hope you still have some pretty views in the other direction.

  3. You are too funny, girlfriend. What an adventurous life you lead. And James ... what a wonderful neighbor and hard working citizen.

  4. You are funny my friend! James is blessed!
    dee dee

  5. Those apartments are beautiful! What a great guy this James fella. Isn't it nice to have really great people working right in front of your home!

  6. You have mastered the art of hospitality and it spoke to my heart today. What kindness and care you have offered to James. He will never want to leave this job, and believe me, he will never forget you all. Great post!

  7. Won't it be so fun to get new neighbors and not only get to know some of them but do some people watching as you do?

    Of course, you are going to be well known among them as the people who live in "the house".

    You'll be famous!

    Maybe they will call you the bike lady. That would be cute.

  8. I love how you are so sweet to those workers! I'm sure you've made a lasting impression! :)

  9. I am so glad not to see "bamboo scaffolding" and little buckets of cement.

  10. So glad you are able to keep a positive outlook, which must be a challenge, given what these apartments did to your view.

    glad they are almost finished.

  11. I too love to get out and about to see what is new. I am sorry you lost your view but perhaps you will gain a friend (or two! :)

  12. Love the friendly hand extended. I hope that your post reminds us all to reach out more often. There is always the potential for a new friend, or in your case, neighbor!

    Blessings, Debbie

  13. Checking in on you! Hope you are well! xo


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