Monday, April 4, 2022

Happy Birthday Kimmy!

Look at those CAKES!

For Kimmy's birthday, 
the kids had a Cake Bake-Off contest.
Each of her children came up with a design,
baked it and then decorated it.

The Judges Table

Kimmy and Mark...
The Judges

The kids wanted them to pick ONE winner.
They didn't want to have a second place.


Levi and Silas teamed up together for their design.

The Tie-Dye Cake

It also had a "egg and bacon" smily face.

Ila May baked a 
Lemon Curd Cake

So fancy and coloful! Nicly done.


Lulu came up with her orginial cake...

Lavendar Lemon Cake

The Contest Rules:
* You had to carry your own cake to 
the Judging Table.
* Answer questions from 
the Judges about their cake.
* Cut a slice for the Judges.

Ila May getting some moral support from
her youngest brother.

Big cake, Big knife


Next,  the boy's cake

Questions asked...

Levi was thrilled with the compliments.

Look at the inside!


Lulu went last.

She made the cake and came up with the decorations!
Fresh flowers on top, along with blackberries.

The sides of the cake were mashed blackberries.

After sampling each cake the two Judges
stepped out of the room to discuss each cake. 

When they came back in, you could cut the 
air with the cake knife! 

After long and careful consideration...
it was announced that this year's winner of the
Cake Bake Off... is....

and her Lavendar Lemon Cake!

Lulu recieved a certificate and $25.00 prize money.

A few disappointing moments but in the end.
we all agreed, Lulu's cake was the winner.


The little guys baked a Lego Cake.
But didn't make it to the 

They ate their cake for breakfast!

Everyone was really the winner because 
we all ate to our hearts content after the contest.
There was plenty of cake for everyone.

Until next year!!!
(personally, I won't be eating cake until then!)



Wednesday, March 30, 2022

March Highlights

March is a fun month.

Long time ago, when Tom and I were planning our wedding, 
we choose March, because it seemed like a quiet month. 
Now, 43 years later, it's been one of the busiest times of the year.


To celebrate our anniversary, we kept it low key, but fun.
We decided on a dinner and a movie!
We tried to go see the movie DOG,
 but it was sold out!
We ended up going out to dinner.

But..... the next day we went to a matinee!

We were the only ones in the theatre!
Every seat was open!!
One of the many perks of being retired.


I joined my fellow Patriots on the Freeway over pass.

Flags were waving and cheers irrupted, 
as the Truck Covy to D.C. drove through Idaho.
It was very inspiritional.


Tom is healing from his hip surgery.

Lulu came over to watch a movie with her Papa.
The movie was one in the series of 
 Lord of the Rings.
So glad he had someone to watch with him.


Banjo got pampered!

After                            Before

He still is recovering from the Pit Bull attack  (PTSD)
Wearing anything around his neck, like a collar or coat, makes him crazy.
We decided to grow out his fur so he could keep warm during Winter.
He loves his Spring hair cut.


Isaac and Nathan came over and spent the night.
It was Nathan's first time spending the night with us.
We had to make it special.

A visit to the playground,
special breakfast (cinnamon toast) and of course 
keeping very busy.

Here they are, getting ready for St. Patricks Day.

Love these type of hats! No pinching these two.


Helping out with yard work.

Mark and Kimmy are busy adding to their backyard.
Here we are raking rocks to get ready for grass seeding.


Tom had a "Boys Weekend" with 
our son,Todd and grandson, Trey.

I love Facetime...  they suprised me with a call.

The Boys Weekend was at Cannon Beach!
It brought back so many memories!
And now creating new ones.

Tradition is having your picture 
taken in front of Hay Stack Rock.

Crab Shack, a must!

Another tradition... CRAB!

Lunch and Ice Cream...
These three guys are all ice cream aficionados.

Tillamook was THE destination!!!!!

Two very happy guys, Todd and Tom

Todd and Trey with Hay Stack Rock in the background.


Lulu asked me to take her shopping for her mom's birthday present.

Well, you don't have to ask me twice!
We jump into my convertable and off we went.

We kept the top up before we went shopping.
But on the way home the top came down.
(It's all about the hair!)

The music was turned up and we sang
all the way home.


"For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline."

2 Timothy 1:7


Wednesday, February 23, 2022

February Happenings

I'm trying to get back to Blogging.
The time off was enjoable but
 I missed being creative.

I tied to find my voice by writing.
Not here, but letters and emails to 
It was an outlet to state my concerns and thoughts.
But I wasn't heard!
I remember years ago, I wrote to my local represenitives. 
They either wrote back or even called me!
Times have really changed!!!

So, I have come back, to be creative and 
share my interests and life.

I still participate in causes.
I joined our church for,  March For Life.
Here we are at the end of our walk, 
at the Boise's capitial.


Kimmy and family wanted to go skiing, one more time.
We headed up to McCall.
I went along to help out with the two littles, who don't ski yet.
Of course, I'd go for any reason!
Tom couldn't make it.
(Read to the end to find out why)






It was a fun weekend!


Below is a series of pictures that Kimmy took.
We needed an updated picture of Tom and I,
for our church directiory.

Guess which one we used?


The other day, we had sunshine and short sleeve shirtweather.
Ahh... so nice!
Two of our grandsons came over to help get our
 gardens ready for Spring planting!

This is Silas cleaning out dead plants from our pots.

 Levi built metal, raised, vegetable gardens.

It is so wonderful to have helpers who can 
really HELP!

It didn't take long!

Then a week later......


Banjo is happy


This is the day we have been waiting for!
Tom had his hip replaced!
This guy has gone through so much 
pain for the last year! 

We searched and searched for a Doctor,
plus a hospital that would take us and our philosophy.
Tom has previously, had both knees and one hip replaced.

Now,  he had the other hip replaced.

Rejoicing and standing up right 
right after surgery.

It was a Day Surgery 
so we were home by evening.

Even Banjo was smiling!!

 Tom is in recovery today and doing really well.


singing .... H A L L E L U J A H !!

"Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." So we say with confidance,"The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me." 

Hebrews 13: 5-6


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