Friday, June 29, 2012


What does this mean to me?

Saying Good-bye to all the students (my kids).
I will miss all the chit-chat, hard talks,
 stories of all and every kind.
Meaningful conversations.
Helping with homework.
Hilarious moments that brought me to tears.
My parental "talking to's". 
Inspiring, Advising, Cheering, Scolding,
Teaching, Loving
them with every ounce of my being.
Cherishing every minute of them.
Every year it gets harder to let them go.
This year was the hardest.

I will miss all of them very much.
(Where is my Kleenex?)

Cards from my TA's 

They called me "Mom".
Even their moms called me Mom!

I saved a few cards from over the years.
Now it's time to let them go.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Saying Good-bye to the parents who called or
came into my office.
To all the moms who stepped up and volunteered.
Giving parents updates, advice, information of all sorts
(even the weather!).
Calming them down, building them up. 
Listening, listening, listening and listening.
Thank you card from a mom volunteer.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Saying Good-byes to staff members.
Watching  "family members" come and go.
Sharing life events, weddings, births, deaths.
Getting over loaded with conversation, work, and time.
Celebrating all kinds of things, like birthdays, weight loss,
 hair styles, even pedicures.
Parties that lasted into the wee hours. 
Luncheons, luncheons and more luncheons.
Standing or sitting on those hard bleaches to
cheer on the school team.
Committees of every kind,
the decorations committee, safety committee,
cheer leading committee, 
sports committee, clean-up committee, technology committee.
And of the pranks. Oh the pranks!
Some planned with precise and elaborate details. 
Or the spur of the moment doozies.

Retirement card from the school.

The inside signed by...

the staff.

Retirement Celebration at school

Eleven years of my life.
Sometimes I find it hard to say good-bye and let go.

But then I look to the future.
My heart beats faster and a huge smile grows.

Hello future!

Lulu and Kimmy's card to me 

Ila May
Baby Boy due in August.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Saturday Art Fair

The local mall, 
which is only a 10 minute walk  from our front door,
was having an Art Festival this weekend.

Even the threat of rain, didn't stop the us or all the others.

Remember the Tree Socks?
The artist is the designer and creator
 of all these colorful, yarn, wind socks 
that were hung up all around.

She also had a hands on art creation for the young.
Children were given balls of colorful yarn.

They looped the yarn in and out of the web.
Creating a master piece.

Tom and I enjoyed watching the little ones having
so much fun adding their
own talents to the sculpture.

There were several of these sculptures.
Notice all the windsocks. Each was so unique.

I ventured out to see some of the local artist.

All this and music too!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Secret Is Out

There is only a few days left of school.
That means only a few days until I retire.
So I wanted to reveal a secret.
I started leaving these cards in staff member's mailboxes.

Nobody has guessed it was me!

So for my final gift,

I wrote on the back of each note card
a quote about Kindness.
Leaving them in each box today as my final
Random act of Kindness.
This time I signed my name.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

 Betsy over at My Five Men
is doing it again!
Pedicure Party!!

 Bring on Summer!
Painted my toes a kinda "Tiffany"color.
But check out the polish name.

Never had blue on my toes.
Thanks Betsy for having us expand our horizons. 
Even if it just toes.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Two Weeks and Counting

 Two weeks from today will be my last day
working at the high school.
So I thought I show you how my day started and ended.

At 6:00 in the morning, this is the view out my car window.
Low clouds over the valley.
Great way to meditate & pray
 before the rush of the job.
Don't worry, I'm usually the only one on the road at this time. 
So picture talking is a quick snap.

Date Night 
Tom had the best dinner plans. 
We rode our bicycles over to City Hall.
He made sandwiches and he spread the blanket.

Perfect way to end the day.
Great way to end the week!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Doula time!

 Banana Bread!
It must be time to visit Todd and Stephanie.
It's tradition for me to bake and take.
Stephanie and Todd have asked me to be their Doula.
Can you say Excited! Happy! Thrilled?

 Take a peek!
Steph is 29 weeks along with Little Baby Boy.

We talked about their birth plan. 
Went over a few other things. 
These two are going to be great parents.
They ask the right questions and are doing all the rights things.

Grandma /Doula is very pleased.

Love Ya!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The End

Last Friday, I did it. I retired!
Actually, I turned in all my paperwork.
June 29th will be my last day with the School District.

Tom and I went to the Administration Office together.
It was a decision that came fast and with lots of prayers.

I told myself years ago, that if God wanted me to leave this job,
 He had to let me know, in an obvious way.
Well, He did!
I listened!

Afterwards, Tom and I went to one of my favorite coffee shops
and celebrated with.......


One very happy lady.
Don't know what's up next.
Still listening for God's call.

Friday, June 1, 2012


Our little cottage has always reminded me of
the storybook The Little House.
I mentioned this in a past post.

Mary remembered, reacted and
responded with the actual book!

To my surprise, I received this special book today in the mail.

Mary even add her own artistic note 
to go with the storybook.

Thank you Mary!
(I know, you know, how special this is to me)

I am looking forward to reading, rereading
 and reading, rereading
this wonderful book to all my grandchildren.
I know it will be the "go to" book when they come over.

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