Thursday, May 25, 2017

This Is What One Looks Like...

 ~Mr. Blue Eyes~

Issac has turned 1 year old!

Isaac is the last, of the string of
birthdays in a row, 
this Spring.
(5 to be exact)

Great way to end the 
Birthday celebrations season,
with a 1st Birthday!

           Birth picture                1st Birthday picture

Below is a collage of Kimmy with her boys,
during their first birthday.
So cute they are wearing the same shirt!

                 Kimmy in black and Isaac, now 1 yr
                 Kimmy in pink and Levi, now 7 1/2 yrs.
                 Kimmy in denim and Silas, now 4 yrs.


"Let your father and mother be glad, And let her who gave you birth rejoice,"

~Proverbs 23:25~

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

We were blessed to have our family
all together, again!

Todd and his family flew over for an extended weekend.
(more about that later)

It was a great opportunity to take 
family pictures.

Very happy Grandparents!


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Ila May - Hat Girl

Ila May is our third grandchild and 
our second grand daughter.

I call her Ila May, 
(even though her first name is Ila 
and her middle name is May.)

She is celebrating her 6th birthday.

Ila May has always delighted in playing dress-up.
I think it started on day one!

Kimmy, her mommy, would comb her
 dark brown hair and then
add a bow or hat.

And it grew from there...

 Ila May finds ANYTHING 
and it becomes a hat.

Below she is using a blanket and a pink tutu!

She is athletic, full of energy and 
her favorite thing to do is play dress-up.
Next to hats, she loves SHOES!

Ila May, God made you
so very special!

You fill me up with all your love!

Happy Birthday Ila May!

What a sweet 6 year old.

Grammie-goo loves ALL your kisses!

You are growing up so fast.
God has a special plan for YOU!

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