Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hat Tricks

Trey spent the day with us.
Papa was up to his old hat tricks, again.

Got to love a guy in a cute hat!

Papa and Trey 
looking out the window at the birds,
It was a great day of play!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Craft Time

Look what I made today.
An iPhone speaker or boom-box!
It really, really works, too.
I've been seeing these all over the web.
And they are so easy!

 You'll need:
one toilet paper roll, scissors 
and some push pins.
So easy, it's almost embarrassing. 

~Google images~
Some people get very creative.

 ~Google images~
Some people just don't care about creativity.
They leave the paper on the tube and call it good.

~Google images~
Others are more interestingly,creative than some.

I'm sure they all work.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Day & Birthday in Idaho

Silas, Levi, Ila May and Lulu

Valentine's Morning was wonderful.
The night before we decorated with pink, red and hearts.
Everyone had a homemade mailbox, ready for valentines and candy.

Papa surprised us all with flowers!
The doorbell rang and there was not one,
 not two,
 not three, 
not four
five bouquets of flowers.
Thank you Papa!

The next day we were still celebrating!
Tom (Papa) had a birthday.
Kimmy put together a collage of pictures of the grand kids.

It's always hard to leave...

The morning we were leaving, the big kids jumped into our car and
said they were going home with us.
~sniff sniff~

I love you and miss you!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day and Random Acts

This year Tom and I will be spending 
Valentine's Day in Idaho!
We are going to have a Party, with cards, candy and 
lots of LOVE.

I have been working on a special card of each grandchild.

1. Ila May has the purple card. She can put her little fingers in the holes.
    The back says, "I love you a hole bunch".
2. Silas is getting the Kitty Cat card and says "You are Purrrfect".
3. Lulu loves growing plants, so I'm giving her a package of sunflower seeds and her card say, 
"Let's Watch Our Love Grow".
4, Levi is into Cars, so his is a Lighting McQueen card. The back says, "I wheelie Love You".

For Trey I made him a special card, also.
 But it's for his Mom and Dad.
 I traced his hand and positioned it to 
say, I Love You, in sign language.

Now for my Random Act.

While we are gone, my special neighbor and friend, 
Destiney, will be watching our cottage.
She has been there for us, every time we visit Idaho.
So, I made her a special card and 
left a bottle of Sparkling Cider.

Please visit Betsy over at My Five Men.
She is hosting Random Acts all month long! 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Is It Spring Yet?

Northwest Flower and Garden Show

Getting ready for Spring

 My friend and neighbor, Destiney and
 I went to Seattle to take in
all the colors, smells, and friendship,
that the day could give us.
 Flowers, flowers and more flowers

 Even chocolate!!

Oh, and I found a funny sign.
It reads, 
Almost Spring
we are so excited 
we wet
our plants!

Picture complements of Subaru

Look what just arrived...

Hurry Spring!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Spotted Some Signs

I enjoy walking around our little town.
I'm always on the lookout for
I spotted this one in a strip mall.
You have to look carefully.

 This is a close up.

I almost drove off the road to get this one!

And now that I have your attention, 
this is what happened around here on Wednesday!

~Google images~

The BIGGGEST parade that Seattle has ever seen!

 Go Hawks!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Celebrating and Monday Morning

Seattle Seahawks = Superbowl Champions!

Every time the Seahawks scored,
the Space Needle shot off fireworks!
(they almost ran out of fireworks, score  43-8)

The celebration started even before the end of the game.
I really like the top picture.
Fans doing "snow angels" in the confetti!!

 This is my kitchen this morning...
We had a Super Bowl Party!
Our cottage may not be big, but we do have a big TV.
click here
I've got work to do!
(no dishwasher just my gloved hands)

PS, Thank you Debbie for your really sweet and kind words this morning!

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