Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Parking Lot Gardening

This is parking spot # 39,
my parking spot at the school where I work.
I have been parking next to this tree for 7 years.
For 7 years, nobody has taken care of the garden.

This is a view from the other side.

This past weekend, I decided I would do a little gardening.
I pruned, pulled, and weeded.
Added some much needed dirt.
Re-purposed some pots and flowers from home.

And Ta Da!!!
Best looking parking lot garden in the place.

I even have a step to cross across over the garden.
No more muddy shoes.

 All this was possible because of  "good guy"... Tom (husband).
I couldn't of done it without him.
He thinks I crazy but he loves me.

By the way, school (students are back) starts this Wednesday!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sign of the Times

Have an old, unused vehicle?
"No problem!"

Our local Fruit Market has THE best signs.
This one says,
Making a Difference By Living
La Vida Local

 Another sign from the Fruit Market.
I thought this was cute,
Seeds included!
Old fashion flavor!

 I couldn't believe what I was reading!
Sexy Kitchens???

Just had to see for myself these sexy, kitchen condos.
How would you like to have this sign hanging above your balcony?

Well, that's it for now.
I'm sure there will be more off beat signs
and I probably will be taking their pictures.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Simple Pleasure - Volunteers

 The birds have been feasting all summer long.
Most of the seeds have been eaten.
Even the ones that were dropped.
 This Sunflower was grown from one single seed that a bird missed.
I call these plants, the ones I didn't plant, Volunteers.
They are my garden surprises!
A Simple Pleasure, for sure.

is hosting Simple Pleasures.
Please join us every Thursday.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Birthday Gift

(He looks like he has four wings, just the shadow.)

This Dragonfly dropped dead and landed on our patio.
Perfectly intact.
What do you do with such a beautiful, huge bug?
Give it to my Sister-In-Law,
Tamar, as a birthday gift..
She LOVES Dragonflies!
 Remember her wedding?
 He looks great mounted in a shadow box.
Even added some special touches to the bag.

Sometimes God just drops you
a present!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bag Lady

 Today at work,
I was Bag Lady.

Birds of a Feather

 House Finch

 House Sparrow

 Dark-eyed Junco

 Goldfinch - Male

Humming Bird -close up

Humming Bird from a distance

Just had to include Arthur,
who loves to sit in the window sill,
while Tom works in the office.
Black-capped Chickadee

I made a "watering hole" for these birds from a tuna can and wire.
They love it, because it's sturdy and easy to drink from.
Plus, you can hang it just about anywhere, branches of trees, tomato cages or fences.
And so easy to make!

Love To Watch My Birds!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back in the Swim of Things

Retreat Time!
At the beginning of the school year,
  the school district's office staff,
 gets together to be inspired and motivated.
This year was the BEST ever!
 I have been emcee
for this annual retreat for four years
and this was my "swan song".

Our theme for this year was
"Just Keep Swimming".
We had Charthouse come and present,
We had fish were everywhere.
Room Before
After - Room Decorated 

The colorful, stuffed fish were provided by
one of the Junior High School's Art department.
Our speaker, Steve Mintz
 Door prize drawing.
A fish bowl with every one's name inside.
I used painter's tape on the outside of the bowl
 and drew little fish on the tape.

 Each lady received a specially, designed fish note pad, pen, fish tattoos and shark candy.
We kept things plain and simple but fun.

Steve Mintz (an Adam Sandler look-a-like) 
was exciting, funny and engaging.
Looked who dressed like him.
(Just a funny coincidence.)

My question....
How can we top this retreat, next year?


Now for my thoughts about concept of  FISH! Philosophy.

When I started my job six years ago,
I knew I wanted to make a difference. 
Plus, I needed to look forward to going to work everyday.
Then I came across the FISH! Philosophy.
My faith in God is strong. I knew He would be with me, always.
But  FISH! Philosophy, is about giving me permission to be me, while at work.
These are the four FISH! fundamentals:
To Play
To Be There
To Make Their Day
To Choose My Attitude

I have spent the last six years implementing these four points into my job.
I believe that God has used me to make a difference, while I useing this philosophy.

This school year, I'm going to "Just Keep Swimming".

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Reward After My First Work Week

Date Night for Kimmy and Mark.
They dropped off Lulu and Levi for an overnight.

We had "Porter House" Pancakes.
and opened a carton of milk.

We dined inside with Lulu and Levi as our entertainment.


In the morning, we bundled up and had coffee on the patio.

This is Levi's first time drinking coffee over
at Papa and Gramie-Goo's house.
Looks like Lulu needs another cup of coffee.
 Cinnamon Toast is a must in the morning.
We even made up a song about it.
(Papa is up to his old pranks)

 After breakfast we strolled around the block.
We always walk with a bag or basket.
You never know when you might find a treasure.
 Lulu stopped and wanted her picture taken by this
 "beautiful house".
Little did she know, that this was the home of
our good friends, who now live in Dalhart, TX.


An art project to take home.

It was a great way to finish
 my first week back at work.

 ( I really need to kiss those cuties more!)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Playtime is Over

 What a great time I've had this summer.
 Going to places I've never been before and
 doing things I that I never expected to do.

At the beginning of my Summer,
 I read a blog post from Janette Sage.
She didn't know it, but at the time she challenged me. 
 Her words were:
"Now, isn't life just too short to miss those "taking advantage of the fun around us!" events? It doesn't have to be an event that makes the papers or Internet, but something that creates a story for everyone to tell and re-tell for years to come....the "do you remember when?" type of tales.

Here's the challenge I took;
What "taking advantage of the fun around us" event have you been a part of lately?"

My theme (love a theme) for the summer was set.
We (husband and I) were going to go & do.
I'm always telling everyone to make memories.
This time it was me who was going to make memories.

Tom and I spent most every week in July,
seeking some sort of fun that would create a memory.

But now...
 it's back to work for me and I have mixed emotions, again.

My prayer is,
God show me where you want me.

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