Saturday, April 28, 2012

Coffee Shops #8 through #12

# 8 - Starbucks - (drive thru)
five minute walk

Walking towards our local shopping center,
I will show you more coffee shops.

 This is Redmond Town Center.
It has 4 of the coffee shops.

#9 - Starbucks - center, bottom floor.
Seven minute walk

 Here in the middle of the shopping center is the next coffee shop.
It's a Starbucks.
You have to look carefully.

~ continuing my walk through the shopping center ~

# 10 - Tulley's Coffee.
 Fifteen minute walk

 View from inside the Tully's
It reminds me of an English Pub.

 Looking out the window is a Marriott Hotel.
What I didn't expect to see was another coffee shop 
in it's lobby!

#11 Marriott Hotel
15 minute walk

This is the outside seating area for Pete's Coffee at
the Marriott Hotel.

 Tully's right across the street!

 Inside the hotel.

Oh LOOK... another coffee shop!
Directly to my left!

# 12 Starbucks -
They are everywhere!

Now to answer some questions from your comments.

1. Q. Which is my favorite coffee shop?
    A.  Tullly's in Redmond Town Center. BUT...I like to take my Latte over to the hotel and the comfy
          orange couch.
          I'm a chair snob. I must enjoy the chair I'm sitting on or I don't like the place.
          Tom's favorite place is Victors Coffee.  I think it's the pastries that go with the coffee he enjoys.
2. Q. How do we choose which one we visit?
     A. This is hard. We go to Tully's #7 because it' big, and has a huge, warm fireplace to sit around.
          For the Summer, an outdoor deck.  Plus, it stays open the longest.
3. Q. (Now for Mary's questions.)
        Best view? Pete's #4
        Best coffee? Mine is Tully's #7 or #10. Tom likes Starbucks (any of them)
        Best atmosphere?  Tom and I both like Pete's Coffee outside at the Marriott.
        Most funky? Hands down, Victor's #5 and the atmosphere is also fun.
   Now that we have explored most of the surrounding area's coffee shops, we will stick to our favorites.
To visit all the Coffee Shops again go here, here and here.

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This is what you will win!

 Two pounds of coffee!

 One pound from Tully's
House Blend

Victor's Coffee
Redmond Slough

Drawing will take place on May 12th!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Visiting Local Coffee Shops - #4 - #7

Peet's Coffee & Tea

This is going to be a lot of pictures
but I don't know how else to show you 
all the wonderful places to sip coffee.

#4 - This is Peet's Coffee & Tea.
We didn't walk but it is walking distance from our cottage.
It would of taken us about 15 minutes.

#5 - Victor's Coffee
We got up Saturday morning and headed to Victor's
It is about a 5 minute stroll.

This little town is all about bicycles.
Even the bike rests are bikes.
Just beyond and across the street is Victor's.

It has a sun porch.
Still a bit cool, this morning to sit outside.

Victor's roasts their own coffee beans.

When Tom saw this cinnamon roll
 he just couldn't resist.

This is a "two-fer"  #6 & #7

These two coffee-shops are right across
 the street from each other.

# 6 - Starbucks Coffee

#7 - Tully's Coffee

This is what it looks like inside Tully's.
We choose Tully's because they stayed open later.
It was Date Night so we wanted to linger.

These coffee shops are about a 15 minute
walking distance from our cottage.

Because you have endured this long post,
my next coffee highlight,
I will be offering a drawing.
Stay tuned!

Friday, April 20, 2012


 Sometimes friends know just the perfect gift,
at the right time.

Mary knows me well.
Her timing couldn't have been more perfect.

Thank You Mary!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Construction Mania - #2

Looking back at March 2, 2012
First level

April 17, 2012
Second level is up!
Working on the third.

Off to the right is the first phase.
It is complete at five stories.
They are working on the inside now.

Getting ready to lay the water pipes and a new
fire hydrant right outside our front door.

We haven't been able to park in our driveway
for the past few days.
Very interesting on how this whole process works.
We are the only single family residential home,
on the whole block.
Everyone is so nice to us.

At the end of the day, when it's all quiet,
Tom and I sit on our front porch and
admire their work and all they have accomplished.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Biking and Not Just For Exercise

 Tom and I dusted off our bikes.
The sun was out and it was calling us.

 We live in a city where it is known for it's love of bicycles.
There are bike lanes on every street.

This picture is on a bridge. 
You see this type of sign everywhere.
(Pedestrian Zone)
 It really makes this city friendly to walkers and bikes.

We rode in the streets...

 We rode on the trails.

This picture is for you Dr. Doolittle,  "B.B."

 We came upon art work.

 We took in this tranquil scene.

 We rode through apartment complexes.

 We rode by a golf course.

Then we took a break and watched others ride at the skate park.

Home is a few blocks from here.
What a great ride, getting to know our little city.
Plus, we did get in a little exercise.

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