Saturday, April 28, 2012

Coffee Shops #8 through #12

# 8 - Starbucks - (drive thru)
five minute walk

Walking towards our local shopping center,
I will show you more coffee shops.

 This is Redmond Town Center.
It has 4 of the coffee shops.

#9 - Starbucks - center, bottom floor.
Seven minute walk

 Here in the middle of the shopping center is the next coffee shop.
It's a Starbucks.
You have to look carefully.

~ continuing my walk through the shopping center ~

# 10 - Tulley's Coffee.
 Fifteen minute walk

 View from inside the Tully's
It reminds me of an English Pub.

 Looking out the window is a Marriott Hotel.
What I didn't expect to see was another coffee shop 
in it's lobby!

#11 Marriott Hotel
15 minute walk

This is the outside seating area for Pete's Coffee at
the Marriott Hotel.

 Tully's right across the street!

 Inside the hotel.

Oh LOOK... another coffee shop!
Directly to my left!

# 12 Starbucks -
They are everywhere!

Now to answer some questions from your comments.

1. Q. Which is my favorite coffee shop?
    A.  Tullly's in Redmond Town Center. BUT...I like to take my Latte over to the hotel and the comfy
          orange couch.
          I'm a chair snob. I must enjoy the chair I'm sitting on or I don't like the place.
          Tom's favorite place is Victors Coffee.  I think it's the pastries that go with the coffee he enjoys.
2. Q. How do we choose which one we visit?
     A. This is hard. We go to Tully's #7 because it' big, and has a huge, warm fireplace to sit around.
          For the Summer, an outdoor deck.  Plus, it stays open the longest.
3. Q. (Now for Mary's questions.)
        Best view? Pete's #4
        Best coffee? Mine is Tully's #7 or #10. Tom likes Starbucks (any of them)
        Best atmosphere?  Tom and I both like Pete's Coffee outside at the Marriott.
        Most funky? Hands down, Victor's #5 and the atmosphere is also fun.
   Now that we have explored most of the surrounding area's coffee shops, we will stick to our favorites.
To visit all the Coffee Shops again go here, here and here.

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This is what you will win!

 Two pounds of coffee!

 One pound from Tully's
House Blend

Victor's Coffee
Redmond Slough

Drawing will take place on May 12th!


  1. Christine,
    Oh my gosh.... my maiden name is Slough! How funny that it is in the name of the coffee! I am floored by the number of Starbucks around your home.... but I guess it is the birth place of Starbucks! thanks for taking us with you!
    Dee Dee

  2. It's so funny how common it is around here to see that many coffee shops. Remember when we went to Minnesota and we could not find a coffee shop and when we did it wasn't Starbucks? That was so funny.

  3. Thanks for sharing all your coffee shops with us! I've enjoyed the tour, and felt a little jealous. I have no coffee shops within walking distance.....unless you count three miles as walking distance. Anyway....I like Tully's it looks so cozy.

  4. That Tulleys is beautiful! All those places for coffee are great incentive to take a walk!

    Fun drawing! You are so sweet.

  5. So mamy Starbucks around you! We have NO coffee shops in our neighborhood. We have to go to center city (about 12 miles) to find one. That's OK because I don't drink coffee. Joe does, but I'm a tea purist. LOL. Thsnks for your tour of the coffee shops. I've really enjoyed it!

  6. I have followed your foray's into coffeeland because I love to go out to coffee houses. In our small town we have a Starbucks and a little place downtown called CJ's. I prefer the taste of SBs but CJ's has tables and serves great frenchtoast stix with powdered sugar and warm syrup.
    My favorite was the same as yours. Love the dark wook and the 'pub' look without the liquor! :D
    I never enter into drawings, but I'm making an exception! I'm in!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Q: Favorite photo of Tom?

    Q: Favorite photo of Christine?

  9. With all these coffee options how do you get a good nights sleep! On the other hand look at all the new and exciting things to do all within walking distance of the cottage. Enjoy!! Judy

  10. It has been fun following you through all of the coffee shops around you! I have never heard of Tulley's before but the inside of their stores are beautiful!

    Enjoy your weekend, with a coffee in hand. :)

  11. Oh, I am still wishing I were in that walking range!! I'd love to get to sit in the orange chairs, sip on coffee and visit with you and Tom! Though I think Tully's might be my favorite, too! Thank you for this coffee shop tour... I have loved visiting vicariously! blessings ~ tanna

  12. Only in the northwest! I live in a rural Oregon town population 8,000. We have 5 drive through coffee shops and many sit-ins. We are a 2 street downtown! I love it... ;)

    Blessings, Debbie

  13. These post have been so much fun...although I am not a coffee drinker, I am a tea drinker...this has inspired me to go have some fun and look for some unique places

    What creative time with hubby...I need to work on that!

  14. Your coffee shops are to be envied I can almost smell the aroma of coffee brewing. How blessed to have so many choices, Christine. Thanks for the tour. Enjoy your day,

  15. I love my trips to Starbucks. They have the best bran muffins, scones, yogurt parfaits, pumpkin bread. Hmmm.....not a mention of coffee :)

    There is just something so fun about coffee shops. Watching the world go by, chit chat with the baristas, the newspaper, and better yet, yakking with friends or hubby.

  16. I am new to your blog's very charming!

    I love the visiting of coffee shops series! I love coffee, as well!

    God bless and thanks for visiting my blog today!


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