Thursday, August 29, 2013

More Funny Signs

"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people"
~Victor Borge~

This sign was at the Saturday Market.
The berries were delicious!

"A day without laughter is a day wasted."
~Charlie Chaplin in a letter to his daughter Geraldine~

Who ever is in charge of this sign has a
great sense of humor.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I take our dog, Lucy, for a daily walk.
At few weeks ago, theses trees showed up wearing skirts.
(See the yellow circle above)

Around here, it's no big deal to see trees dressed up. 
Remember these trees? click here

 I finally took a closer look...

It's a treegator.
What's a treegator?
It waters trees or shrubs.
A treegator, who knew?

Mystery solved.

More information about this watering bag, click here.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Apron Call

My daughter called me and asked,
 "Mom, do you remember that apron you use to wear?
 The blue and brown one, with pockets. Do you still have it?".

Thinking,  Ahhhh...yes, I remember it well.
I wore it almost everyday around the house. 
I loved the BIG pockets.
 I could pick up things that I found around the house, 
then put them back where they belonged.
All hands free.
Those pockets were good for hide things or just stashing items.
Coins found their way into those pockets, for some reason.
 It went over my head, was loose fitting and had huge (ugly) designs on it. 
If you spilled anything, you'd never know.
It was well worn.

But I got rid of it during the BIG PURGE a few years ago.
Never thinking about it until Kimmy brought it up.

Then she went on to ask me,
"Could you make me one?".

Sure??? I said. 
Not really sure I could.

After looking around the internet,
 I found out what they call this type of apron. 

~Google Image~
It's called a Cobbler Apron.

I found the material that reminded me of my old apron.
Created the pattern from newspaper.
Got Suzie sewing machine out, (I name my things) and started sewing.
I added one more pocket (for cell phone perhaps) and longer ties.

Ready for Kimmy!

 I'm surprised how our children will remember or
be touched by certain things,
 that they have stored in their life memories.
I wouldn't have imagined that an apron would represent
 any kind of memories.

I'm all about memories!
I'm happy to share and be apart of
 the Apron Memory.

I love you Kimmy!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sammamish Valley Festival

We live in an area where there are fertile farm lands.
Approximately 1100 acres!
For three years now the Farmers celebrate and 
teach the community about who and what they are about.

"Support our local farmlands."

The festival is held in the open fields of the valley.

"One acre alone can produce 10 tons of mixed vegetables, 
enough to feed approximately 250 people annually at 
80 pounds per person."

When you drive from the city of Woodinville to Redmond,
you can see multiple types of farms, from Lavender farm, Christmas Trees, Nurseries,
Pumpkin patches, corn mazes, Chicken farm, even a Lawn (grass) farm.
Mostly vegetables.
Our bounty. for the day!

"Eat Fresh"

Friday, August 16, 2013

Little Free Library - The Plan Is Finished

           ~Before~                                  ~After~

The first time I heard about the Little Free Library,
I knew I wanted to build one for our
Click here for more information about this wonderful idea,
The Little Free Library.

Todd and Tom both said they would help.
Todd designed the structure and then built it for me.
It is so sturdy!
The monument, for the library, was an old sign post.

Todd and Tom building The Little Free Library.

They used left over lumber, including  kitchen, cabinet doors.
 We started building, over at Todd's house
 because he has all the tools.

Then we brought the library home, 
so Tom could seal the seams to make it weather tight.

I use left over deck paint for the sides.
Then added a pop of red, for the doors.

The installation.

Todd's design has succulents (plants) on the top.
They add a special and unique touch.
It's Perfect! Just like Todd's drawing.

The Little Free Library.
The first one in Redmond!

(I still need to send in a picture to make it official)

For your Little Free Library to be official,
you need a picture of the Library and send it in and the Official Sign.
This is ours
 It has a number on it. Ours is #7737.

The back is really interesting, too.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Plan

I had an idea.
I recruited some special guys,
 who I knew I could count on to
help me with my Plan.

 Our son Todd, drew up the plans on paper.
While Tom assisted the best he could. 
(Can't do much because of his hip replacement)

1. The Plan
2. Revising the Plan
3. Plan under construction
4. Working the Plan

to be continued.......

Monday, August 12, 2013

Another One Bites The Dust

This WAS the house next door to us, just last year.
It was vacant at that time 

Just a few years ago, this is where the Mayor lived.

Then one day the bulldozer came.

In a matter of minutes it was gone.

One year ago, this was our deck.
Sunny, wide open and dusty.

Then the builders came.

Up, Up, Up, the walls went.

And it kept going up.

Here is the street side view.

Today, this is the finished four, unit, condo that is up for sale.

Last Saturday they held an Open House.
It was a party atmosphere! 
There were about 100 people, that looked through the condos.
Free food, drinks and then....
 the Ice Cream truck rolled up with free ice cream!

Let's just say, that Tom and I were entertained ALL
afternoon, as we sat on our front porch.

We actually viewed condos and they are beautiful.
I was more curious about what the views were like,
(if you know what I mean).

Now I know what our neighbors see when they look 
out their window.

Well, readers....
This is the end of all the construction.
The apartments are finished.
Now, the condos are finished.
Life will be different.

Summer's Check List

Like many of you, I made a 
Summer Check List.
The ten things I wanted to do before summer is over.

1. Go to an Outdoor Movie
2. Dinning alfresco at a restaurant, with a water view
3. Velodrome, bike races in the park
4. Marymoor bike ride
5. Visit the Lavender Farm
6. Festival or Parade
7. Derby Days - our town's celebration
8. Ferry Boat ride
9. Tour the condos next door.
10 Have our neighbors over to enjoy our porch.

I'm half way through my list. 
A few of them (red) will have to wait until next year because Tom still can't ride a bike or sit in a lawn chair.
(Tom had his hip replaced and is doing very well)

Back to my list.
We visited a Lavender Farm that is just down the road from us.
Absolutely beautiful!
(#5 was checked off my list)

Picked up a few gifts, also!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Visit - Chapter 4: Hugs and Kisses

During the Boise Bunch's stay with us, 
there were plenty of hugs and kisses 
throughout the 12 day visit.

Here is older brother and sister seeing each other for the first
time since Kimmy moved, last October.
Kimmy grabbed her nephew, Trey, and didn't put him down.

Aunt Kimmy and Trey

Mark, Kimmy and Silas

Aunt Kimmy (she couldn't get enough of Trey!)
and Ila May

Lulu and Trey

The hardest hugs were the "good-bye" hugs.
That's when the tears flowed.

Click here to read Kimmy's blog
about the Boise Bunch's
 Summer Visit

Driving away, towing their VW,
back to Boise.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Visit - Chapter 3: Deck Time

Our Cottage is small, very small.
We knew we had to expand our living area before the
Boise Bunch arrived.
The only way was to use our deck. 
Tom and I got busy painting and arranging furniture.
Then we were ready.

We used our deck for everything and
the weather was perfect.


Sister time

        Catching up              Talking and Stories
 Tea Parties                     Coloring

Pictures, lots of pictures. 

~ Sometimes we expanded beyond the deck. ~

 Lunch on the lawn.

Daydreaming, on the lawn.

Playing with mommy's old Barbies,
with a blanket spread out, on the lawn.

All memories now.

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