Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tomatoes, Tomatoes and More Tomatoes

 Cherry tomatoes...

they are ready!


  1. These looks so delicious, Christine, our first cherry tomatoes were lost due to rain, we are hoping the later ones will produce. Enjoy!!

  2. mmmm..and they are beautiful! We're enjoying them from our garden, too...every meal!

  3. These are BEAUTIFUL, Christine!! And, another beautiful header! =)

    Love the apron... and the story behind it... and that you made one (from your own newspaper pattern no less)... a new generation of memories. Makes my heart smile. blessings ~ tanna

  4. Lewis Grizzard (southern writer and columist) said, "It's impossible to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato."

    Spot on.

    And I'm just getting around to a little blog reading and read that apron post. I love an apron so much, and the more pockets the better. It's just wonderful that your daughter remembered and wanted one just like her mom's.

  5. What a perfect red!

    So what are you planning with your bountiful harvest?

  6. I didn't even try to plant tomatoes this year because last year the groundhog ate them all before I did! I love homegrown tomatoes and it looks as if you are going to have all you can eat.

  7. There's nothing like tomatoes in August. The fawns in our yard ate all our tomatoes this year by walking under the fence. We're putting in a lower strand.

  8. Yeah, nothing like home grown tomatoes!

  9. There is nothing else like the taste of home grown tomatoes! Mine are done for the summer.


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