Saturday, July 20, 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013

Moving On

We SOLD our house (home)!

Saying good-bye has been difficult but ok.
We lived in this house for 29 years.
Our children grew up here.
The past two years we have rented the house out, 
 while we live our Cottage.

Praising God,
it sold in three days!

Take a peek into the past, click here

So long, moving on.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Favorite Place, Favorite Person...

Carillon Point with Tom

 Behind those trees is the perfect place to sip something
 refreshing and cool, on this warm day.
It's also a great place to watch at all the activities on the water.
Welcome to  Carillon Point

 Tables with umbrellas and the cement towers,
chime every hour and on the half hour.

This is the view!

 You can go down the stairs and mosey down the long dock.

 Looking back is the spectacular view.
You can see where we were sitting,
waaay up there.

 Favorite place and favorite person.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Derby Days

Derby Days is our town's Summer Celebration.
Years ago it started with a bike race around 
the lake between two paperboys.
Spectators wrote down their guesses
 at what the winning time might be.
Closest guess won $25.

Today, it is a city wide celebration.
Parades, Rides, Food, Music, 
5K race Pancake Breakfast and of course
The Criterium. 
Which is a race held on a short course, 
about a mile, on a closed-off city streets.

 ~Redmond Reporter~

~Redmond Historical Society ~

 Not to be out done, Tom and I took to our bikes.
We rode to the center of town and enjoyed dinner and 
evening with friends, listening to music.

 We had to stop by the rides!


There was something to do  for ALL ages.

 We sat in the Beer & Wine Garden
and listened to music.

Heading back home before it got dark.
Until next year...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Another Trey Day

Trey is our 11 month old grandson. 
He is our son's little boy.
I have the privilege and blessing of babysitting
 him every Wednesday, 
since he was two months old.

Wednesdays are known as "Trey Day".
We play, play, and play on Trey Day!

I have been teaching Trey American Sign Language.
Trey now knows several signs like,
 More, Dog, Cat, Bird, Eat, Drink and Listen.
He has been signing back to me and his parents!

This is a picture taken with Cooper, their dog.
 Trey was just a few weeks old.

This is today.
Cooper is the most patient, loving, understanding and 
caring dog in the world.
Trey loves to climb, back and forth, all over Cooper, .
Cooper loves the attention!

Thank you God,
for another play day on
Wednesday, Trey Day.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

All Hands On Deck (or toes)

 This is a picture of our Little Cottage.
We are between the two big trees.
I took this picture from across the street 
so you could get a good perspective.

We are getting ready for visitors from Boise, 
(which means 40 little toes and 20 big toes).
Because our Little Cottage is so small, 
we needed to come up with more room.
The deck was a perfect place to expand for the Summer.

Except, the wood was full of splinters!
 Tom and I got busy and applied this heavy duty paint on top.

It turned out beautiful.
Bring on the big & little toes!

Monday, July 1, 2013

So Long Old Friend!

google image

 Singer Sewing Machine  - Touch and Sew.

I had to say, Good-bye to my old sewing machine.
I bought it way back in 1972, used.
Oh, the things I have sewn!
Clothes, curtains, quilts, Christmas presents, repairs, 
costumes, aprons, doll clothes,
the list goes on and on.

google image

This is the culprit!
I was right in the middle of a very important sewing project.
 The repair was going to cost more then a new machine.

Hello new machine!
 A Singer Simple
What an appropriate name for me.
I wanted a machine that just sewed.
 One that I didn't have to takes classes to understand.
I even get her a name.
 It's Suzie.

Look at the very important project I finished!
 They are called, Road Trip Pillow Cases.
 These are for our grandchildren, when they visit this summer!
I'm going to fill the pockets with books and toys.

When they get here they can put their PJ's in them.

Can you tell how excited I am that they are coming here to visit?
Now, it's time to mail them,
so they can use them for the long road trip
to Grammie -Goo's House!!!!

I found the idea here.

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