Friday, November 20, 2015

Celebrating the 40th

Our Son-In-Law, Mark
turned 40 and 
we had a small but fun surprise
birthday party for him.
Tom and I baked this cake.
It's called an Anti-Gravity Cake.

They had just come back from a vacation
and Mark didn't have a clue.
Tom and I went over earlier to set up and
 decorated before they arrived
Happy Birthday Mark!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Around Town Finds

Some of you know that I love to
 find clouds that look like animals or sometimes,
 a Jet flying into a tornado.

Yes, this is an actual street name.
Oh, the fun I'd have if this was our street name!

This....well, I'd like to understand.


Yesterday morning,
 Tom and I were drinking our coffees in bed, while reading.
 Lucy was sleeping in between us. 
The mornings are getting 
really cold over here (26 degrees burr).
It was a cozy, warm and start to our day.

Until, I spilled my hot coffee on Lucy, who jumped up and
 looked at me like, WHAT?
My coffee cup was totally
 upside down and empty.

Tom and I both jumped out of the warm but wet bed.
We flew into action.

Tom gave Lucy a bath.
I stripped the whole bed.

I knew it was going to be a all day long,
 process of cleaning up this mess.

Mattress pad was washed first.
I took off the duvet cover and washed the down comforter.
The sheets. pillow cases and duvet
 were next to be washed.

Then all were dried!
This was just step one!

Have you ever fought with a mattress pad?
You think one corner is on and it pops off?
This went on for awhile.
My next fight was the
 fitted bottom sheet. 
Sweat was running down my face!

But the biggest battle was still to come.
Getting the duvet back on the comforter!
It was about 4:00 PM when I finished
 making our bed.

There is something special about getting into a freshly clean bed. 
I appreciate my bed and the smell of 
clean sheets,
 mattress pad,
 duvet cover
 down comforter, 
pillow cases
and dog.


"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."
Romans 8:28

Friday, November 6, 2015

To Seattle and Back

Can't keep away from our 
newest grandchild.
Scarlett is coming into her own.

While holding her,
 getting some great pictures,
she gave me a huge and very loud surprise.

Rule is;
if a grandchild needs their diaper changed
 and you are holding or
 the one closest them, 
YOU change the diaper.
I changed her diaper.

I surprised Trey while he was still at school.
It's fun to watch children from a distance,
when they don't know you are looking.


The top picture is of Trey when he was a week old.
Cooper snuggled up to him
for the picture.

This bottom picture is of Scarlett.
Cooper is quite the lover.

Cooper you are a special dog.


I brought home these Maple leaves
 from our visit to  Seattle. 
Love the colors.

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid'
John 14:27

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Harvest Festival, Nampa Style

This was Tom's first time to our church's
Harvest Festival.
He had plenty of escorts to show him
ALL fun activities.
Kimmy and me

The Harvest Festival was held
 on a huge farm.
Plenty of room for so many activities.
Carmel apples
Carmel corn
Hot cider
(and after all the activities
we had a Chili Feed.)

Kimmy helping Ila May
Art Activities:
Paper pumpkin decorating

Ila May and Levi
Horse Rides

For some, it was a pretend cow
but Silas didn't care!

Individual  Activities:
Bow and Arrows

 And then there were the
Relay Races
 (for ALL ages)
Wheelbarrow races

Sack Relay
That's Lulu on the right!
Go Lulu Go!
Baton Relay
Go Levi Go!

The last and BIGGEST contest was the
Tug of  War!
Above,Girls vs Girls
The younger and smaller girls were waiting their turn, while the older girls were pulling hard.

Everyone had a turn because
 the categories were vast. 
Dads vs. Dad
Dads vs Boys
Boys vs. Boys
But the most anticipated was the "famous"
Mom's vs. Sons
The above picture is the mom's 
working hard, to show their strength.
Everyone was yelling & cheering them on!
Mom's won!
So much FUN!

Kids gave kids wagon rides.

Later, there were Hayrides.


Every year there is a Pie Contest.
Only Apple or Pumpkin!

Lulu entered last year and decided to try again.

Here are the judges, taste testing all the pies.

Guess who won 1st Place 
for her Apple Pie?
Lulu did!!

We all had so much fun, 
kicking up our heels!
Looks like someone went a little over board. 


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