Thursday, January 19, 2012

Found: One Blue Glove

Our weather has been crazy.
First snow.
Then ice.
Then snow again!

Sneak Preview of the Cottage:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Downsizing and saying Good-by

picture of our entry, during summer

I have mentioning for awhile now, that I have been downsizing, a lot.
It started last summer when I knew I wanted to move.
There I said it. Move!
Tom and I talked about it. Looked into it.
Sell our home? No!
Rent our home? No!
Move to a condo? No!
Then canceled the idea.

 I knew that I needed keep downsizing.
 I'd pack my car and drive to Goodwill and Value Village.
  I gave away so many "things".
All long, praying for direction and help.
I kept hearing God say, Purge.

Today, I am reviling ours plans.
(It's a  l-o-n-g  story so I'm keeping it short)
We are moving to the little cottage that we own,
 in the city of Redmond.
Moving date is January 27th.
Some of you might remember this cute cottage 
as the home where our grandson was born.

Our home of 29 years,
will still be full of happy noises, love and family.
Mark, Kimmy, Lulu, Levi and Ila May will be moving into our home!
(Like I said, it's a long story, keeping it short.)

Now a little history.
Tom and I moved into the family home in 1983.
Todd was just two years old.
Kimmy was 7 months old.
Todd and Kimmy a few months after we moved in.

So many memories...
When we replaced our carpet, we wrote on the plywood
some messages before the new carpet was installed.
 Todd digging a trench when the water main broke.
Prom night for Kimmy.

Our family has just kept growing.

This is the layout of our "new" cottage.
Can you say DOWNSIZING ?

I will be gone from blogging until
we have finished moving in.
Still packing boxes and still purging!

For the past few days, the high school where I work,
 has been closed because of snow.

God is good!

Monday, January 16, 2012

No School Means...

Time off to do some fun things like...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

 The school Police Officer,
 is getting a box of birthday cupcakes.
Thank you Officer "Jeff" for
always being there for us.
You are appreciated!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Did You Know?

January is
 Get Organize Month.

I have been decluttering, downsizing, organizing, simplifying 
 or what ever you want to call it,
for the last few months.

I came across a couple of very inspirational blogs and
sights that I want to share with you.
My quest started with this blog;
 (be sure to look around this motivational blog) 

Her words hit me hard.
"It's easier to Simplify then to Organize"
That was such an eye-opener for me.
So my decluttering, downsizing, simplifying started!

First, I went through our grown children's
things, that were left behind when they moved out.
I gave them back all their pictures, awards, clothes and yearbooks.
Next, I gave them family heirlooms that I knew they would cherish.
It was so much fun to see their faces
when I gave them these loved memories.

Then I started on my own things, like clothes.
How many white t-shirts do I really need?

Today, our home has been simplified!

Other sites you might want to visit:

PS; it feels great!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

New Years Eve 2011

I went over to play with the grandchildren and
to help them prepare for the end of the year celebration.
Here we are making "noise makers" out of paper plates and beans.
(Tom couldn't be with us because he was working the graveyard shift)
Next, Kimmy and I went through our Memory Boxes.
It's a synopsis of mementos from the year.
This was fun!!
I'm always good for a book or two.
Earlier in the day, Kimmy and I went
and had our toes painted.
I decided to be adventurous and go wild!
Lulu &I were playing Footsie.
More silliness!
This was a fun game.
We try to guess what is on our foreheads,
by asking questions to each other.
We toasted to the incoming year.
No......the kids drank sparkling cider.
Each had their own cute little bottles.
Kimmy got out her wedding crystal.
After an itsy bitsy sip...
I headed home around 10:00 PM.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise,
Makes me a bit more Wise.

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