Thursday, October 22, 2020

Special Blessing

Cannon Beach has been a family vacation spot for over 35 years.
It's a year round destination for us.
We have been there when it was HOT and when it SNOWED.

So, when the opportunity came to take some time away,
even in October, we jumped.

It was a warm evening and the sunset was perfect.

What a splendid way to spend one on one time with each other, walking the beach at sunset.

There is something about the water, sounds, waves, smells, sand in-between your toes, that
is so inviting.

The game of " Jump the Waves" is an annual favorite.

A passer by asked if the picture below was a "posed picture",

NO! They were excited to jump together.

Those who didn't braved the waves found
it fun to play in the sand.

Below is the hotel we have stayed in, over the years. 
We read some of the past Guest Books and 
found where we had entered our different stays. 
So fun to read and pass on down the traditions.

Below is downtown, when Tom and I took an early morning walk.
It hasn't changed much over the years.
One of the reasons we love it here.

More sand, more fun!

Cannon Beach!

We will return!!

 Kimmy did a great post with more pictures.


"You are me refuge and my shield; 
I have put my hope n you word."

Psalms 119:114

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