Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Cross Country and then Cross Country

A Fall Sport!
This is a sport that all can participate in.
Yup, Cross Country!
Lulu, Levi, Ila May and Silas all
run Cross Country.

This was their first meet, after weeks of practice.

Mom (Kimmy) is their head cheerleader.
“You Can do this Lulu!”
Look at Lulu’s smile as she sees her mom.

This brings back memories of when Kimmy
ran Cross Country!
 I'm also a cheerleader.

Isaac is cheering them on, too!

They all did well and can't wait for their next meet.


And now for another Cross Country!
I drove to Tacoma (used to be Seattle) for a few days.
I needed to see our other grandchildren!

It has been way too long since we've hugged.
(thanks to the virus)
I took the 8 hour trip all by myself.
The weather was beautiful.

When I pulled in, 
 the hugs started with these two.

But where is Huxley?

Oh, yeah, there's Huxley!
You have to look very carefully.
He's hiding in the couch.

That's more like it!
Todd and Huxley!

Trey is into building anything that is battery powered.
This is his domain, 
the downstairs workbench.

Scarlett is very busy doing and being everywhere!

Huxley loves his siblings and 
will sit still only long enough for a book.

And then there is school.

Tacoma hasn't opened the schools yet.
So, like many others students
it’s at the dining room table.

 While Trey is doing school, Scarlett and I read this one book over and over again.!!            

Huxley napped and mom & dad worked from home.

The book we read, was about painting coffee cups.
Todd got the idea to go to a pottery shop and paint our own cups.

What a good dad!
So, off we went and 
we each painted a special project.
So fun!


We took a day and went to the Zoo

What a great place. So beautiful and easy to get around.

Everywhere we turned, was an exciting exhibit.

We practically had the place to ourselves.

We were there when they fed the two huge Walrus's .

Simply amazing.
The kids got to ask questions.
And they had a lot of great questions.
Learned so much.

Then, of course we went to Puget Sound. 
My first love! 
Oh, how I miss being there.

For dinner we had Fish-n-Chips, outside.
It was perfect.

I came home FULL!

Full of love.
Full of leaning.
Full of rain.
Full of special moments.
Full of time spent with family.

And of course.
to last until next visit!



"Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. "

Deuteronomy 31:6 

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Ahhh... September

It was a perfect day for a drive with the top down,
 to the country!
Destination;  a  Produce Stand that was brimming
with fresh, huge, colorful and 
delicious fruits and veggies.

Can't miss the unique sign and where to turn 🠊.

Greeted with the "Hello" from the pumpkins and

then a, "Howdy", from the peppers!

 These cantaloupes whispered, "Take me home" and we did!

They are so delicious and sweet!

If you live in Idaho, you know about potatoes!

Can you say zucchini? 

Oh yeah, pears!

Below is a picture of a farm across the street.
This is where the all the cantaloupes are grown.

Cabbages that were the size of bowling balls!

Now what would a Produce Stand be without Sunflowers?

On the way home we (me!) saw a Honey Store.
Gotta Stop, right?

We did!

Tom went wild when he saw all the jellies and sauces.

What a fun day.

Here is our bounty!

We had an early dinner of BLT's. No picture of the sandwiches, we were hungry.

🪕And now for Banjo...

 He needed a bath something fierce.
I couldn't find him, at first.

Oh, there you are, you little stinker!
He knew what was up for him.


"Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving."

Colossians 4:2

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