Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving, Birthday and Christmas, All In One Visit

Over the river and through the mountains, (lots of them),
to Idaho we go!

We were welcomed with a homemade banner.

~The Table Fort~

           top -They all fit in the Table Fort.
           left - Anticipation!
           right - Snacking inside.
It was a hit!

What could be better then a 
homemade birthday present?
TWO presents!!
Lulu sewed two cloth bags for me!
I even have one that matches hers.
Not to be left out of the "bag" party,
 Ila May used the gift bag as a hat.

I just had to show you this picture.
My Cowboy all dressed up!

 The Annual Thanksgiving picture.

 Another family tradition is to make Gingerbread Houses,
will the turkey is cooking.
Each child builds their own house out of graham crackers.
Lots of frosting and candy are a must. 

The adults took turns building and adding onto the large house.
Each added their own special touches to the house.
Hands down, Tom won the "Ate the Most Candy" award.

Everyone working hard on their houses!

There was plenty of time to hold, play and enjoy 
this little one, Silas (7 months).
He even took his first bite of solid food, an avocado! 
After researching what would be the best first solid food, 
an avocado was considered a perfect choice. .

Picture of Love!

Stop by Kimmy's blog and see her
pictures of our visit.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Table Top Fort

This is a Table Top Fort/ House
My new sewing machine has been working overtime.
One king size, flat sheet;
 one brown fitted sheet; 
colorful felt squares;
 black, grow-gain ribbon 
and presto !
 You have a house.
I didn't have time to add curtains and other details.
But I know certain, there are some children, will love it, as is.

Windows * garage * flowers * and a grandma who loves her grandchildren.

I found the tote at Target in the "tote isle" and
 thought it was a perfect place to store the house when not in use.


All my Christmas presents are bought, finished and wrapped.  
Soon, we are heading to Idaho. 
Thanksgiving, a birthday and Christmas celebration's will be all rolled into this visit.
The snow has started to fall. 
In a few more weeks (days?!) we won't be able to drive over until early Spring.
The car is packed to the brim.
Our studded, snow tires are on. We even bought those new 
tire socks that replace chains. They are cool!

I'll be gone for awhile.
(I'm sooo excited!)
Until then, Happy Thanksgiving !

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Good Grape!

Went to Costco to pick up a few grocery items.
I bought some grapes and decided to nibble some,
 on the way home.
Look at this HUGE grape!
Oh yea, it was delicious, too!

Monday, November 11, 2013

"Tear Down This Wall"

"Mr. Gorbachev - tear down this wall. "  
- Ronald Reagan, Berlin 1987~

That's what I kept saying.
This wall has to go, and so it did.

We had to make way for a new addition.

We bought a new couch.

               Before                                                  After

                  Before                                                  After

When you live in a 750 ft. sq. cottage, every inch counts!
What a big difference

Monday, November 4, 2013

Wind Storm Aftermath

1. Pine needles and branches in the street.
2. "Art Work" found on the ground
3. Tom blowing the needles off the cars.

It's a new fad...pine needle art.
Next time, I'm going to get creative!

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