Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving, Birthday and Christmas, All In One Visit

Over the river and through the mountains, (lots of them),
to Idaho we go!

We were welcomed with a homemade banner.

~The Table Fort~

           top -They all fit in the Table Fort.
           left - Anticipation!
           right - Snacking inside.
It was a hit!

What could be better then a 
homemade birthday present?
TWO presents!!
Lulu sewed two cloth bags for me!
I even have one that matches hers.
Not to be left out of the "bag" party,
 Ila May used the gift bag as a hat.

I just had to show you this picture.
My Cowboy all dressed up!

 The Annual Thanksgiving picture.

 Another family tradition is to make Gingerbread Houses,
will the turkey is cooking.
Each child builds their own house out of graham crackers.
Lots of frosting and candy are a must. 

The adults took turns building and adding onto the large house.
Each added their own special touches to the house.
Hands down, Tom won the "Ate the Most Candy" award.

Everyone working hard on their houses!

There was plenty of time to hold, play and enjoy 
this little one, Silas (7 months).
He even took his first bite of solid food, an avocado! 
After researching what would be the best first solid food, 
an avocado was considered a perfect choice. .

Picture of Love!

Stop by Kimmy's blog and see her
pictures of our visit.


  1. Oh, you had SO much fun! I knew the table fort would be a hit. Love the bags! The kids are growing! Ila May has changed the most, I think...and that little Silas is adorable!

    Avacado! I can see why that is perfect..would slide down nice and easy and is packed full of good fats and vitamins. I didn't even know what an avacado was when my babies were born. haha.

  2. Such blessing all around.
    That's a stylin stash that Tom is sporting . . .

  3. It's great to see you here in blogland. Thanks for the wonderful update on your trip. So many precious memories to keep you warm in the months to come.

  4. Sounds as if you had a wonderful time. I'm impressed with your new bags. Very nice!

  5. What a wonderful photo testimony to a happy visit. I'm sure each side enjoyed it immensely. They are all beautiful and growing so quickly. I remember when Ila was the baby. Our little Ivy likes avocado too! The idea of making houses sounds like fun. Merry Christmas!

  6. I knew your tent would be a hit!
    I'm so glad you were able to travel to see your sweet family and have fun together. Nothing better!!

  7. What a fun visit I had here this morning! Somehow, I feel like an honored guest, being able to step into the life of your family, with my visits here. The picture of you and your granddaughter, with the bags she made for you, was priceless! The tent is one amazing idea! I just may copy it for some little ones in my world. These pictures are filled with happiness and joy on everyone's faces. Loved my visit!

  8. What joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How precious!!!!!!!!!!!! I can tell you really enjoyed your visit and I am sure it is too quite at your house now. What precious memories.

  9. I love your life. That's as bluntly honest as can be. It all looks so wonderful, and I loved the little bags that Lulu made for you.


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