Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Prayers and Answers

I got a phone call from my daughter, saying that she needs to go to the Emergency Room, can you come over...well, my heart stopped. She was talking and explaining but I wasn't comprehending or putting the words together. Something about bleeding, don't worry, babysit. But I heard the word, NOW. I was there in two minutes.

That was last Sunday evening. All I could do was pray. Even then, I don't think I made any sense. But God knew my heart.

Mark took Kimmy, who is 14 weeks pregnant to the hospital. I waited anxiously. We had a few text messages back and forth for the next few hours. No news.

While I waited I notice a Bible study booklet out on the table. I picked it up. I read the whole thing, cover to cover. It was about different kinds of courage and how to use them. I felt God comforting me and showing me that I needed to be available for Mark and Kimmy.
To have courage, to do what I can do and God would do the rest.

They came home with no confirming answers but the baby had a strong heart beat.
Monday, Kimmy had an ultra sound and found out she has, mild placenta previa.
Both mother and daughter are healthy! Yes, it's a GIRL! But Kimmy needs to take it easy, and no lifting! Kimmy has more details over at her blog.

So, prayers are answered!

We all plan on helping out. I'm going to be taking a long lunch (two hours) to go and help during lunch and naps. How great is that! I work really close by. It's just minutes away.
Things will be busy around here but I am thrilled that God has a plan and that it includes a healthy, baby girl named Ila (eye-la).

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lulu's Christmas Pink PJ's

Lulu (my granddaughter) asked me to make her some
Pink, and Ruffled, PJ's this year.
I don't know how to knit, crochet or quilt.
But I do know how to thread a sewing machine.
Last year I sewed Lulu a nightgown.
This year it's soft, pink flannel with lace.

Working the details...

Added some little small touches.
Now I'm done!
I wish I could show you the finished product,
but I also want to surprise Lulu's mommy.

Homemade Christmas

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the view from my computer this morning.

Our little wooden bear in the backyard has a
snow hat.

Look what our neighbors have!
Just kidding. Been cooped up way to long!
Image from Google

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Record Cold!

Record low of 14 degrees for Nov. 24 recorded at Sea-Tac Airport
Posted by
Seattle Times staff
Information from the Associated Press:

The temperature dropped to 14 degrees early Wednesday at Sea-Tac Airport, breaking the old record of 16 degrees from Nov. 24, 1985, as arctic air put Washington in a deep freeze.

Yes, we are cold! And another NO SCHOOL DAY (no work)!

This post is for all of you who still have their AC on (and you know who you are.)

How's the weather where you are?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Check List

Looks like I'm all set for Thanksgiving!
We traditionally have our Thanksgiving on Friday
because it's an easier day for me.
Today, is a Snow Day - NO SCHOOL (work)!

I'm going to go and play with ...
Happy Thanksgiving!

Frostbite occurs when skin and other tissues are exposed to very cold temperatures. It can occur within minutes following exposure to extreme temperatures, or even in above-freezing temperatures if there is a strong wind (wind chill) or if the person is at high altitude or wet. Frostbite usually affects the hands, feet, nose, cheeks, and ears. Superficial frostbite injures the skin and tissues just beneath it, but usually does not permanently injure tissue. Deep frostbite, which also affects muscle, nerves, and blood vessels, may result in tissue death, a condition known as gangrene.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Simple Pleasure

When we redid our bathroom (The Louvre),

I wanted to display different artwork according to the season.

I came across Craftily Ever After.

I saw her picture and knew this was just what I wanted in our Louvre.

It was so easy to download and print,
I just had to share it with you.
Now our guests will be entertained.

is hosting Simple Pleasures.

Please join us every Thursday.

Enter The Story

OK, I couldn't wait any longer and just had to share this.

Way to many Christmas commercials and ads and it isn't even

Thanksgiving, yet!

Tom and I have "Entered The Story"!

(update: I forgot to add the credits because I was in such

a hurry to post this. For more information about Advent Conspiracy,

click here http://www.adventconspiracy.org/)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Left Over Lint?

I'm still laughing at this post I read today from

I'm thinking Christmas presents?????

The average household in North America does about 400 loads of laundry per year, according to the San Diego Gas and Electric Company, which amounts to a very large pile of lint. Dryer lint can be a useful material in crafts or other household

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Snack attack!
The cure is roasted almonds.

Fifteen minutes at 350 degrees or
until you can smell them - uummmm!

Put in a pretty bowl.

Put pretty bowl on counter
Watch almonds disappear,
before your very eyes.
~~Crunch~~ ~~Crunch~~

So simple but oh so good!

Dayle, over at A Collection of This and That,
is hosting Simple Pleasures.
Please join us every Thursday.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

What's Your Nick-Name?

Being almost 58 years old, I've had a few different "names".
Nick-names that loved ones and friends have called me.
Nothing outrageous, different or weird.
Christine (my given name)
Chrissy (my girlfriend still calls me this )
Chris (all through school)
Wifey (my husband)
Mommy (kids, but now it's Mom)
Mother (Kimmy calls me this)
Ha (co-worker, don't ask!)

my favorite nick-name is

I remember talking to Kimmy, our daughter, when she was first pregnant.
We discussed what I wanted to be called by my grandchildren.
I had never really thought about it.
I always thought Grandma was OK.
Then I thought, why not let my grandchildren call me what ever they wanted.
So about a year ago, when Lulu was almost three years old,
out popped a small and very cute, "Gramie-Goo".
Now, Lulu will be in another room and I will hear her shout, "Gramie Goo!!"
And I will laugh because it is a perfect name for me.
Of all the nick-names I have, this is the sweetest.

This is the name that my granddaughter has so lovingly has given me.




In Viking societies, many people had nicknames heiti, viĆ°rnefni, or uppnefni which were used in addition to, or instead of their family names. In some circumstances the giving of a nickname had a special status in Viking society in that it created a relationship between the name maker and the recipient of the nickname, to the extent that the creation of a nickname also often entailed a formal ceremony and an exchange of gifts.

Friday, November 5, 2010

It's the Little Things.

This is my friend Mary and her husband Jim.
I meet Mary through blogging.
See the pink shawl?
It has traveled back and forth across the United States.
(That's twice as much as I have!)
You can read more about this well traveled shawl here.

Mary returned the "wedding" shawl with this cute thank you note.
She also sent a slouch bag that she made for me.

Mary, I love it!

It has pockets!

When I put it on and danced around the room, showing the dogs and Tom
my new bag, I noticed it was reversible!

Thank You Mary!



Airplanes also have "ordinary" seats that are less or more desirable for some reason:
* seats at the tail end of the plane often have no middle seats, which gives you more room to spread out
* seats just before the exit row and at the end of a section may not recline
* seats next to the toilets may be smelly and have lots of people trooping up and down to them
* seats next to the galleys may be noisy especially when flight attendants prepare and roll-out the meals, and surprisingly smelly from steam-heated food
* certain rows may have the electronics for the seat-back entertainment under the seat, stealing leg room.
* the effects of turbulence are weakest near the leading edge of the wing, in the middle of the aircraft.
* Finally, US National Transportation Safety Board, indicate that seats at the rear of the plane are statistically safer.
(I need to travel more... at least more then the "wedding" shawl)
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