Friday, November 5, 2010

It's the Little Things.

This is my friend Mary and her husband Jim.
I meet Mary through blogging.
See the pink shawl?
It has traveled back and forth across the United States.
(That's twice as much as I have!)
You can read more about this well traveled shawl here.

Mary returned the "wedding" shawl with this cute thank you note.
She also sent a slouch bag that she made for me.

Mary, I love it!

It has pockets!

When I put it on and danced around the room, showing the dogs and Tom
my new bag, I noticed it was reversible!

Thank You Mary!



Airplanes also have "ordinary" seats that are less or more desirable for some reason:
* seats at the tail end of the plane often have no middle seats, which gives you more room to spread out
* seats just before the exit row and at the end of a section may not recline
* seats next to the toilets may be smelly and have lots of people trooping up and down to them
* seats next to the galleys may be noisy especially when flight attendants prepare and roll-out the meals, and surprisingly smelly from steam-heated food
* certain rows may have the electronics for the seat-back entertainment under the seat, stealing leg room.
* the effects of turbulence are weakest near the leading edge of the wing, in the middle of the aircraft.
* Finally, US National Transportation Safety Board, indicate that seats at the rear of the plane are statistically safer.
(I need to travel more... at least more then the "wedding" shawl)


  1. That is so fun!!!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing...


  2. Awesome bag, more awesome friendship!! How cool is blogging??? VERY cool! =)

  3. So neat that you could meet your blogging friend. And what a neat bag!

  4. What a wonderful bag, and so handy with the pockets.

  5. I love it that you two connected via blogging! What a wonderful friend and that bag is the cutest.

  6. I have enjoyed watching the pink scarf travel across the country! I love the bag that Mary made for you, it looks great from both sides!
    Dee Dee

  7. It has been fun watching the pink shawl travel back and forth. What a wonderful gift from Mary. It is so great to see blogging friendships that bloom!

  8. It was my pleasure to send you a slouch bag as a thank you for kindly loaning me your pink wedding scarf. I tried to predict which fabric you would like and in the end just picked one that I like. Enjoy!

  9. Who would have known that so many special friendships could develop through blogging. I mean to find a dear friend that would loan you a pink scarf for a wedding, is beyond what you would have expected. Fun story about a dear lady. Her way of thanking you is perfect with the slouch bag.


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