Friday, March 28, 2014


Here in the Pacific Northwest,
the city of Oso to be exact,
 we had a devastating, HUGE mud slide.
(click here for details)
Killing people and wiping out homes.

Thank you to those who have sent me messages and concern.

The slide area is that dark area near the yellow arrow,
known as Hazel Hill.
The road that was washed away, is in between the red arrows.

Tom and I went up to see for ourselves.
This is the road that just opened up to help
with travel.
 Usually, this road doesn't open until end of June, 
because of snow.

It's still really wet and rainy!
We didn't go all the way up to the area.

We did stop off at a small grocery store and
 talked with the people inside.

Tom had to also check out the 
"Fresh B ked Cook es"


Below are some pictures of the slide area, so you can get an idea
of just how devastating this mud slide is.
It's a square mile big!
~Google images~

All that dirt crushed everything in it's path.

~Google images~

Please keep this community in your prayers.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What Has Been Going On?

Remember this sweet but sad looking daffodil plant?
Here it is today!
It's blooming!!
(Doing a happy dance)

My Hero!
Our dryer quit on us.

But not for long.
Thank you Tom!

The Little Free Library 
(click here for the post on the library)

Monica and Jack

This is a neighbor who lives in the apartments behind us.
Monica is the mom and Jack is her two year old son.
They come quite often to play at the library.

Mom: "Jack, let's go to the big park with the slide."
Jack: "I want to go to the library".

So, Mom packs up a backpack full of toys and food.
Mom bring her coffee and then gets a book from the library.
They both are content.
 Sometimes Mom gets in the dirt and plays with Jack.

 I don't know this lady but she comes almost everyday!
I've tried to converse with her but to no avail. 
I have decided to let her enjoy her quiet time.
She has her coffee and just sits for about an hour.

We get so many visitors everyday. 
Some come for a book.
Others drop off books.
Some just to look
some to sit!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Come With Me

This is going to be a L-O-N-G post, 
packed FULL of pictures!

Tom and I took a short trip down the freeway to the city of Tacoma.
We had heard about this really, fantastic car museum.

Today was a special exhibit 
about Volkswagen !
Both Tom and I owned red VW's.
So, this was a must visit and see.

Two long rows of beautiful, shiny, perfect, Volkswagen's!
My camera and fingers were working overtime.

At the end of Volkswagen exhibit you could only 
see the silhouette of a car because of the huge glass window behind it, 
that over looks the city.
As we got closer we saw the 
Tucker Car.
Only 50 of these were ever made!

The Tucker Car was really fantastic.

The following pictures are some of my favorite cars.
And Betsy, there were even race cars!

Each type and style of cars were separated 
by long hall ways,
with the history, the year and name of each car, 
printed on the walls.

Below is the race car exhibit. 

I liked the funky cars. 
Some don't even look like cars.

And then there were the vintage cars.
So many different kinds and styles, 
from the practical to the elegant. 

I couldn't fit in all that this place has to offer.
Click here to check out their web site.
You can find out who Harold Lemay was and why he had 3,000 cars.
There is so much more then cars in this museum.

If you are in the Seattle area and have time,
this is a must see.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Below is a picture of the daffodils bulbs 
that I planted last year.

During my winter clean-up,
 I forgot that they were under the dirt.
So, I put a potted plant on top of the dirt,
 for a winter decoration.

I discovered the struggling plant 
when I removed the pot a few weeks ago.
To my surprise this struggling daffodil came up,
 pale in color and all bunched up.

With sunshine and encouragement, 
it is now green and growing!  

 I have felt the same way as this bulb.
Hidden by some burden that clouds me.
I struggled to bloom and then... the burden is lifted.
I now can stand up straight, knowing what my focus is and can bloom!

This is the season for renewal.
Seize this time to remove your burdens, grow and bloom.

God is waiting to hear from you.
Pray, repent and read.
You'll see the results.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Wedding Anniversary

March 10th 
35 years!

I trusted God with our marriage 
and still do!

Love you Tom!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Good-bye February

Things I learned this this month:

1. In Yoga, it's probably best NOT to wear socks. 
(Betsy when is your next Pedi post?)
~Google image~

2. I'm going keep taking Matcha Green Tea Power,
in my morning smoothies. 

3. It's OK to take Ibuprofen when parts of your body hurts. Especially, after your first  Zumbra class.

4. A great or even a good haircut is worth the price.
~Google image~

5. Random Acts of Kindness is NOT overrated.
It can be planned or even spontaneous.

6. Updating your Will  is not for you but for your children/family. They will appreciate it.

~Google image~

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