Saturday, March 1, 2014

Good-bye February

Things I learned this this month:

1. In Yoga, it's probably best NOT to wear socks. 
(Betsy when is your next Pedi post?)
~Google image~

2. I'm going keep taking Matcha Green Tea Power,
in my morning smoothies. 

3. It's OK to take Ibuprofen when parts of your body hurts. Especially, after your first  Zumbra class.

4. A great or even a good haircut is worth the price.
~Google image~

5. Random Acts of Kindness is NOT overrated.
It can be planned or even spontaneous.

6. Updating your Will  is not for you but for your children/family. They will appreciate it.

~Google image~


  1. haha...did you slip on your mat? I could use a fresh pedi about now! :)

    gosh, we need to update our will. I keep nagging the mister about it!

  2. I always say I want to learn something new every day. I'm not even going to ask about the haircut.

  3. Hello. Loved this.... so much!
    I have really cut my own bangs and hair and the whole family just stood there shocked! Now, not only did I have a crooked smile, but a crooked hairdo to go with it!
    Blessings Dear Friend! Roxy

  4. Excellent, one and all. Well, I will take your word for the stuff having to do with yoga and the green tea powder. I haven't tried either, not that I don't want to!

  5. Worthy lessons I can learn from. I especially agree with the haircut one and the will advice.

  6. Good things for me to remember. You asked about chalk paint. I was going to spray paint the chandelier, but couldn't find my can of paint, so I went with the chalk paint, and it actually worked well. I like the texture that it gave to the chandelier, and mixing the color with the wax worked well. I would not recommend it for a large chandelier. Painting the arms was a bit tedious.

  7. Love this, great advise, my daughter loves Matcha green tea, I haven't had a hair cut in months thought I would let it grow, but each day seems to draw me to my hairdresser's shop.
    I have wanted to try yoga for some time, maybe soon. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Oh, I can so relate to this post!
    The will, the bangs I just cut, love green tea, and I certainly should be doing yoga!


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