Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ladies & Gentleman, Start Your Engines!

We wait all year for this huge Garage Sale.
Rain or Shine (mostly rain).
It's the kick-off, for all the rest of the summer's garage sales.

Cars line up & down every street.
It looks quiet. You can't see all the bargin hunters.
But trust me... they are there!
This year I met up with our daughter, Kimmy, Mark, kids
and Mema (Mark's mom) who was visiting from out of town.
You always run into someone you know.
These are friends who just had a baby girl, just like Kimmy.

This is why I love coming to this garage sale.
It's close to my work and home.
So I"m always bumping into students, parents, teachers, and neighbors.
It's like a social event.
I even meet up with my girlfriends, if I'm not
shopping with them.
We call each other when we see
something that we know they were looking for.

Had to call my girlfriend about these!
Free kitchen cabinets. What a deal.
She got'em!
Hundreds of people on every block.
Nobody misses this neighborhood party.

Levi got a orange Beetle.
His favorite type of car and his favorite color!
We have a winner!

Two of my co-works, meeting Ila May for the first time.

Mema and Lulu walking hand in hand.
Lulu is caring her "find".

It's been a long but fun and rewarding morning.
Time to head home.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Two Weeks Are Up ! What Fun It Has Been...

 I was there when they said their morning "Good-by's"
to Daddy from the window.

We read Books, Books and more Books.
(notice the laundry basket,
I put it to use in between books and other activities)

Baking quiche, muffins, cookies and Grammie Goo's
famous banana bread.

Washing Dishes,
soooo much fun!

 Lots of bonding time with Ila!

Making "toys"
Rice with little treasures, that each of them
 placed inside a clear container.

They need to shake it to find the treasures.


Making creations with Play Dough  

Here we are making Peanut Butter Cookies
 Click here for the recipe
The "official taste tester"
(check out the little hand on my arm - love it!)

Good old outdoor fun.
Who's that in the woods?


Cuddle Time!

Gave them a big bag of rice to play with

Daily Walks
find some"treasures".

Making a Sand Box
and pretending we are at the beach.

More morning walks!                              My favorite part of the day.

I will miss our
                                       snack time talks,
                                                                             kisses, and
 all the LOVE that was given out!

Love you Lulu, Levi and Ila!

To read Kimmy's sweet story of Ila's birth,
click here.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Sign, sign everywhere a sign, breaking up the scenery and blowing my mind"

Title From: The Five Man Electrical Band , hit single, "Signs" in 1971

Tom and I have always enjoyed a leisurely,
 Sunday afternoon drive.
Especially on a nice Spring afternoon.
I make sure to take my camera with me.
 Lately, with gas $$$$ skyrocketing, we are keeping our drives somewhat local.

One of my many quirky passions are signs.
Not just any old signs.
The funnier and more entertaining, the better.

So this time we visited a city close by,
 to check out their signs.

Love this Car Wash because of it's reader board sign.
Every week it changes.

Saw this sign at a Red Robin parking lot.

~First Side~

This sign advertises for a meat market.

~Other side~

 Some people have a really crazy sense of humor.

This might be hard to read.
It says,
 Spring chickens
Winter-ized Pork. (??)

We saw this in the parking lot of a Fruit Market.

Even the Church has a great reader board!

And now for my other quirky passion... 

Finding faces in the oddest places!

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