Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ladies & Gentleman, Start Your Engines!

We wait all year for this huge Garage Sale.
Rain or Shine (mostly rain).
It's the kick-off, for all the rest of the summer's garage sales.

Cars line up & down every street.
It looks quiet. You can't see all the bargin hunters.
But trust me... they are there!
This year I met up with our daughter, Kimmy, Mark, kids
and Mema (Mark's mom) who was visiting from out of town.
You always run into someone you know.
These are friends who just had a baby girl, just like Kimmy.

This is why I love coming to this garage sale.
It's close to my work and home.
So I"m always bumping into students, parents, teachers, and neighbors.
It's like a social event.
I even meet up with my girlfriends, if I'm not
shopping with them.
We call each other when we see
something that we know they were looking for.

Had to call my girlfriend about these!
Free kitchen cabinets. What a deal.
She got'em!
Hundreds of people on every block.
Nobody misses this neighborhood party.

Levi got a orange Beetle.
His favorite type of car and his favorite color!
We have a winner!

Two of my co-works, meeting Ila May for the first time.

Mema and Lulu walking hand in hand.
Lulu is caring her "find".

It's been a long but fun and rewarding morning.
Time to head home.


  1. Looks like a fun annual sale....and a nice way to catch up with friends and neighbors.

  2. How much fun...a true community event. Looks like some treasures were found and you caught the whole feel in your camera.
    Oh we are having one this weekend...I hope ours is as successful.

  3. What fun! Wish I could have been there.

  4. This looks like a really fun time!

  5. There's nothing I like better than a "tag sale" as we call them around here. :) So glad you had so much fun and had such good luck. :)
    Levi is so cute with his beetle. Orange is K's very favorite, too. You may have noticed I've slowly let it invade our whole house!! :)
    Hope you had a fun Memorial Day weekend. :) When is your last day of school?? Must be just around the corner!! :) :) :)

  6. That does look like fun! Our village-wide garage sale was 2 weekends ago. I always have a garage sale and think I'm missing out on all the fun! :)

  7. I need to have a garage sale myself! Of course, I'd much rather be shopping and socializing! Looks like a fun morning!

  8. I am curious if you bought anything??

  9. A "brocante" in french...
    Have a nice sunday...


  10. A "brocante" in french...
    Have a nice sunday...



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