Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Intentional Giving

Intentional Giving for Twenty Nine Days

This Friday, March 1st, I plan on giving intentionally for 29 days.
I will end my "official", intentional giving on Good Friday.

I was going to do it privately, but then I thought YOU
might want to think about doing something like this, too.

 To really make it intentional giving, 
I have some ideas planned for what I will be giving
and who will be receiving them.
Of course, there will be times that it will be
 "spur of the moment" giving.

True giving comes in so many ways.
I need to be creative but still thoughtful,
while watching the old wallet.

I will report back on how and what I am have done.

To learn more about what it is I am doing, just click HERE.

~ ~ ~ ~ ** ~ ~ ~ ~

And what's a post without a photo?
Here's one for ya.
Coffee at Victors - #5, the other day.

Monday, February 25, 2013


There are 2,400 five points stars on the 
Hollywood Walk of Fame.
The stars are permanent public monuments to achievement
 in the entertainment industry, 
bearing the names of a mix of actors.

I was playing around on Redkid.
Click on the site and have fun!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wednesday, Trey Day

Every Wednesday 
I take care of our grandson, Trey.
This has been so much fun.
Today, it was exciting, too!

Todd and Stephanie have chickens.
I usually don't think much about them, other then 
to hear them when they are just about to lay an egg.
They get real noisy. 

Today, the mailman told me that I had chickens on the loose!
Good Grief!
They were in the neighbors yard.

When Trey was down for a nap,
 my mission was to capture the two runaways.
Sounds easy, but it wasn't!

I hate the feel of fur and feathers!
I call it Furry Phobia.

 Time was of the essence to capture these girls.
I "bucked it up". 
Grabbing each, one by one,  
then flopped them over the fence.

Todd is in the process of building a fenced yard
 for all seven of his chickens.
Where did they go?

 They all were at my feet!
Now they think I'm their Play Buddy.
Not a chance!
Let's count.
 Yup, all were back home.
(one is just out of the picture)

 My reward... 
 a Skype date with ALL of our grandchildren!

I love this picture.
All of them are looking at me!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Look What Popped Up

 Does this mean..........


 When I was looking around, I came upon this.


 Going to keep my eye on this.

I'm ready to welcome Spring.
Are you?

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Wave

Tom and I took a day trip to La Conner, Washington.
It is about an hour out of Seattle.
La Conner is a quaint, little town, perfect for antique shopping 
or just getting away for an afternoon.

The Skagit Valley is an area that surrounds the town of La Conner. 
It is famous for it's tulip and agricultural fields . 

Winter time, the Snow Geese 
 live and graze on the plowed wheat fields.
A local farm has a contract to plant wheat and 
harvest his fields for these birds. 
In 1995 it became a snow geese reserve.  
There are about 24,000 birds that call this home during the winter. 

This is a video that I took last weekend.
Be sure to watch the whole video, 
especially after the one minute mark.
And if you can, enlarge it to the full screen.
And don't forget to turn up the sound!
You'll soon understand why I titled this post,
  The Wave.

I tried to post the video without 
related videos after mine was over.
Sure hope they are all appropriate.  

Friday, February 8, 2013

This Week's Happenings

1. New condo building is going up right next door. Here we go (grow) again! 

2.I admire anyone who can knit.  
This is my first attempt. Tom calls it a  "thingy". 

3. Tom and Trey playing.

~~~** Have a safe weekend. **~~~

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Grammie Goo Visits

This is a series of three pictures 
at the airport pick up.
(Thanks Kimmy)

Waiting and spotting Grammie Goo

Running towards each other ...

and falling into my arms!

I was welcomed with a Banner!

My luggage was full of special surprises for each grandchild.
Did you know that you can "carry on" hard boiled eggs?
I didn't but was very happy I did.

Levi loves hard boiled eggs.

I packed giraffe cookies and sugar, heart shaped, cookies that we decorated.
Plus, my famous Banana Bread.

In my backpack were books and more books.
Some were the old favorites from when they lived with us
 and now we read over skype.
There were new books, also.

I could go on and on with pictures and stories about my visit.
But I'll keep this short.

I flew over to help out
and get endless hugs and kisses.
Kimmy is due sometime mid May, 
so there are plans to return before then.

Leaving is always so hard.
I'll be back soon!

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