Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two National Events This Weekend



For several years, Tom and I have encouraged the
participants on their 3-day walk.
We decorate our car and honk horns.

Tom showing off his horn.

Cheerleaders welcoming the walkers
into the Pit Stop.

This bike rider is the "Caboose" or
the last one on the course.
All along the route, people supply water,
food, music, and encouragement.
This homeowner went all out.
She supplied seats and ice bags.
Along with...

A place to take pictures of themselves with their friends.
This is a mirror.

You should have seen all the ladies
in front of this mirror. All taking pictures!

Twenty miles a day...

We weren't the only ones out on the road.
We were in a parade of cars!!!


Our second event we participated in was this....

Tom is all through with the medicines that he took
for his knee replacement.
So we packed up all his unused meds and
headed to the Police Department.

Tom proudly showing his unused pills.

People brought in shopping bags full of medicine.
Here's Tom in line. I had to get this picture of his straight legs.
Below is the "before knee replacement" picture.
DEA says drug take-back day a success
Updated: Saturday, 25 Sep 2010, 7:56 PM EDTPublished : Saturday, 25 Sep 2010, 7:39 PM EDT

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) - The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) collected more than 936 pounds of prescription drugs in Hampton Roads Saturday.
The collection was part of their first-ever nationwide prescription drug take-back day. The DEA staffed 20 local collection points around Hampton Roads Saturday to collect unwanted or unused prescription drugs.
"We're seeing a massive increase of legally controlled substances being sold on the street," said Michael Kennedy, Resident Agent in Charge at the Norfolk Drug Enforcement Administration. "In the wrong hands, prescription drugs could be a prescription for disaster."
That's why the DEA headed up the take-back day.
"No questions asked, no identities are asked for - if they want to scrape the labels they can do that also and just drop the container in the receptacle," Kennedy said.
What agents don't want to happen is for them to get thrown in the trash or flushed down a drain.
"It's a health hazard, you're putting these controlled substances into the water system," Kennedy explained.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Number Three

2 +1= 3

1 + 1 + 1 = 3

I'm going to be a GRANDMA again!!
Kimmy and Mark are expecting #3 sometime in May.
(Yes, I'll be Kimmy's Doula.)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Smile Game

Here's a private game to play, guaranteed to warm your heart! See how many people you can get to return a smile! Without looking loony, make eye contact, smile and greet each person you meet or pass by. Count how many return your smile. Not only does it feel good to have people smile at you, the facial muscles involved in smiling send messages to the brain, causing an increase in production of natural feelgood brain chemicals!

Try it - you'll be surprised!



"It takes one more muscle to smile than to frown, according to plastic surgeon David H. Song, MD, FACS, assistant professor at the University of Chicago Hospitals.

A genuine smile takes two muscles to crinkle the eyes, two to pull up the lip corners and nose, two to elevate the mouth angle, and two to pull the mouth corners sideways. Total smile: 12.

On the other hand, a frown needs two muscles to pull down the lips and wrinkles in the lower face, three to furrow the brow, one to purse the lips, one to depress the lower lip, and two to pull the mouth corners down. Total frown: 11.

A fake smile, however, only takes two muscles. We detect the fake because "the eyes aren't smiling."

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Simple Pleasure

Everyday, I drive by this little flower stand.
Our neighbor lady puts them out about 3:00 PM.
I don't know how many people stop by for her flowers.
I just know, that they make me happy.

is hosting Simple Pleasures.Please join us every Thursday.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nurse and Dog Sitter

Cooper & Abrahm
Lucy & Arthur
I dog sat for Todd & Stephanie (son and DIL).
I tried all weekend to get a picture good picture of them together.
Some dogs were good. Others were naughty.
Took care of Tom.
Handed out pills, changed bandages, fixed ice packs.
Staples come out on Monday, all 15 of them.
He is doing so well.

(These are the out-takes of my photos sessions with the dogs.)
Photographing animals
Be patient
Keep picture-taking sessions short and your voice calm. Try to take pictures during natural activities rather than direct your pet during this new activity called picture taking.
~I wished I had read this before our session!~
Use props to focus attention
If your pet isn't a willing poser, use a flower, a toy, or a small snack to get its attention.
~If I had a snack, I would have had a riot on my hands~
Shoot at eye level
Eye-to-eye contact is as engaging with a pet as with a person. So get down on your pet's level to create warm and intimate pictures
~ I did try this one but they all thought I had a treat for them. I got ambushed~
Get close
Fill the camera's viewfinder or LCD display with your subject to create pictures with greater impact. Step in close or use your camera's zoom to emphasize what is important and exclude the rest. Check the manual for your camera's closest focusing distance.
~You got to be kidding...with this crew?~
Show your pet in action
Animals love to run and play, so take pictures of them on the go to show their joy. Use a high-speed (400 or 800) film to stop the action. Plan the shot for the action to happen in one spot and focus on that spot.
~Did you see the action shot of Cooper peeing on the tree?~
Take lots of pictures
Take lots of pictures to increase your chance of capturing just the right moment. Even the pros take lots of pictures and think nothing of shooting a whole roll just to get that one great shot.
~My patience wore out~

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Simple Pleasure

When I walk out of this building, I noticed this Marigold surrounded by cement.
I was surprised and pleased that it grew in this awkward place.
This lone flower is my Simple Pleasure this week.
Dayle, over at A Collection of This and That, is hosting Simple Pleasures.
Please join us every Thursday.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Update on Tom!

Tom and I felt your prayers, all day long!
Family, friends and Bloggers...
your support has been appreciated!
Now, which knee is it?

Oh yea... Dr. is signing his initials on the "Right" knee.

I must be a true blogger to have my camera handy.

All done!! YEA!!! Now it's visiting time!
Tom only had a partial knee replacement.
Recovery should be very quick.

Lulu drawing a picture before we left.
(Lulu started gymnastics today and hasn't taken off her cute little leotard,
besides she had to show Papa!)
Thanks again for all the prayers and support.
We both are very grateful.
God is good!


Etiquette for visiting a patient in a Hospital:
*Do not wear perfume. Perfume can even gag healthy people
*Always check with the nurse before you bring a food present.
*Only stay a few minutes. The point of your visit is to wish the patient well.
*If either the nurse or doctor have to do something, be polite and leave the room while
they are attending the patient.
*Above all, remember that patients are in the hospital because they are sick.
So just use your common sense, smile and be positive during the visit.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Knee Replacement for Tom

I'm taking time off from work to be Tom's nurse for a week.

No more of this for awhile.

He'll have to wait to do this.

Good-by bowed legs.

Hello walker!

Can't wait to have your smile back and
Arthur can't wait for his walk!




Hints for after surgery, once you are home:
Avoid uneven floors or wet floors in the bathroom and kitchen.
Watch for pets that may jump on you or run in your path.
Wear rubber soled and low, closed heeled shoes to prevent slipping.
Use your walker and crutches and hold onto handrails when using cane.
Keep rooms well lit even at night.
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