Monday, September 6, 2010

Knee Replacement for Tom

I'm taking time off from work to be Tom's nurse for a week.

No more of this for awhile.

He'll have to wait to do this.

Good-by bowed legs.

Hello walker!

Can't wait to have your smile back and
Arthur can't wait for his walk!




Hints for after surgery, once you are home:
Avoid uneven floors or wet floors in the bathroom and kitchen.
Watch for pets that may jump on you or run in your path.
Wear rubber soled and low, closed heeled shoes to prevent slipping.
Use your walker and crutches and hold onto handrails when using cane.
Keep rooms well lit even at night.


  1. Good luck being a nurse for a week. Spouses can be a more demanding patient than others. Jude

  2. I love you daddy and we are praying for you! See you on Tuesday afterwards.

    Love Kimmy

  3. Tom and Christine,
    Our prayers are with you both this week. Tom... please go easy on her! Looking forward to an update lter this week. hugs and prayers... dee dee

  4. Christine and Tom: Best of luck to you both. Tom, it will be so worth it, once it is over and done. Just think -- walking without pain, doing all the fun stuff like miles and miles of shopping at the mall (haha). Christine would NOT do that to you. Seriously, you will be in my prayers for a very successful surgery and a speedy recovery. Christine, you have a good man there and I know you will take very good care of him!

  5. Good luck to both you and Tom. You'll both be in my prayers.

  6. Wishing your man a safe and successful surgery, angels of the Lord to encamp around his bed, a speedy recovery, not to mention a return to the abundance of smiles you mentioned had be fewer for the pain.


  7. Keeping Tom in my prayers, Christine. Surgery is no piece of cake, and I can only imagine having your knee replaced. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

  8. I will be praying for Tom for a quick recovery from surgery. I will also be praying for his "nurse" that God would give you strength and endurance!

  9. I hope I can encourage your heart today in regards to your husband's knee replacement surgery. My mother had that surgery about 8 years ago and it was so successful. She had lived with very much pain for many years. After her surgery she could not believe how quickly she could walk without pain. She can hardly remember the pain, except sometimes when she goes up the stairs. Wishing you both a successful surgery and a quick recovery.

  10. what is he gonna do with his old knees???

  11. With brilliant doctors, he'll do fine.Besides, technology has made surgeries less painful.


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