Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Beginning To Look...

~ Nativities ~
Some are permanently set up. 
Some need assembling.
Some for little hands
Some are waiting.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving - On Friday

Nine O'clock, Tom getting the turkey ready.
Ten O'clock, Kimmy and family came to help, work and play.
(We taped the Macy's Parade and watched it Friday morning.)
Mark brought his work...
Lulu worked on place cards
Had to show you a close up of mine, love it!

Three O'clock, everyone arrived.

We ate around 4:00
It was hard to get a picture of everyone around the table all at once.
Lot's of good conversations.

Later ...
Tom back at the sink.
Dishes all cleaned and
ready to put away.

Another great time at Thanksgiving.

Stop by Kimmy's blog.
 She has a lot more
pictures to share.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving - Almost Ready

 We moved things around.
I shopped the house for centerpieces.
Found these Cottages that I have been collecting.
So I sprinkled them down the center of the tables.
Need to add the silverware and glasses
and a few more borrowed chairs.
Last minute details but I'm ready
and so excited to spend time
with my family!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kimmy Sings!

 Kimmy was asked to be apart of a one-time-only,
Women's Choir, at her Church.

Kimmy is third from the right

Growing up I rarely heard her sing or even hum.
(Well, there was that one time)
So of course I was there to take pictures for a post!

Kimmy wanted Lulu & Levi to see their mother
singing in front of others.
At home Kimmy has Lulu & Levi practice their singing,
 as part of their Home School.
 Each has their own X on the floor where they stand and preform.

 Kimmy sings for God.
Kimmy is teaching Lulu & Levi, it's fun to sing for others.

Kimmy also makes her own mother's heart sing with happiness!

Friday, November 18, 2011


This is a picture of Arthur and Lucy, our dogs.
Arthur is 9 lbs and Lucy is 3 lbs.
Both are Yorkies.
 Arthur has been very sick lately .
This is picture of Arthur in happier days.
He had just gotten a hair cut and looks so handsome.
This is the usually "boyish"  look.

We don't know how much longer we will have him around
and it's been a very difficult to think that we will loose Arthur.
The vet said to keep him comfortable.
His last days are full of hugs, loving whispers, kisses and
licks of ice cream.

You can visit here to read about Arthur's story.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Time To Give Thanks

Time for me to say Thank You to all the Mom's who 
help me out, volunteering, in my office. 
Trader Joes has the best honey and the cute, 
little bees were a natural to use as my theme.
(love a theme!)
Thanksgiving is a great time to show
my appreciation to theses Moms, 
who help me out everyday.
 Several Moms have been with me
the same three years as their students.

My job would be so much harder with out the support of these 10 women.
 I had fun creating the gift bags.
I used white lunch bags from the Dollar Store.
(They have come in handy several times.)
The Bee siticker that were a must.

Here are some past gifts
I have given to the Volunteers.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Start to Finish

We have had this Apple tree in our front yard for years.
This year I pruned the Apple tree properly (the right way) and 
we got apples for the first time!
This picture was taken back in September.
I love the American flag is in the background,
but as you can see we got a lot of apples.
I wasn't going to pick the apples but
Todd, our son, persisted that I pick them.
They aren't very good for eating.

So I made apple sauce in my crock pot.
Cooking applesauce made the whole house smell so good!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Girls Night and Boys Night

Kimmy invited me to a Baby Shower
she was having for a neighbor, who is having a little girl.

Here's a little back ground story about Kimmy.
Growing up she really wasn't interested in cooking.
I would tease her by saying that she didn't
 even know where to find the kitchen.
So much has changed!
Kimmy now decorates, sews, bakes, cooks and
 even has taught her daughter where the kitchen is.
Here is Lulu is making the punch.

I was surprised at how creative Kimmy is.
 She made a Diaper Cake.
Lulu added her touches by decorating
 the cake with bows and toys.
I am so happy to see how Kimmy has grown into such a
graceful young lady who serves God with love.


While the Girls partied, the Boys,
(husband Tom, son-in-law Mark and
Grandson Levi), spent time over at our home.
Mark is so computer savvy.
Remember Tom's dinosaur of a computer?
It took up have of half of the room.
We had a flat screen and newer computer
that I used before I got my laptop.
Mark combined all of Tom's "stuff" and
transferred it to the newer computer.
The newer computer now sits on Tom's desk.
 Look at the room on his desk.
And there is room for more stuff.
 That leaves me with room for my sewing machine!
I'm a happy girl.
Thanks Mark!

A fun night for both Girls and Boys!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Date Night With Lulu

Lulu all dressed up and waiting for us to pick her up.
Last Thursday night, Lulu asked Papa if he
would take her on a date to Applebee's. 
I was also invited along.
So tonight was the night.
This was a big deal for Lulu and us.
This was the first time Lulu had been away from Mom or Dad, ridden in our car, 
and to a restaurant without her parents.
Lulu had her new dress on with necklace and a ring.
She brought along a tiny doll for company.
Her car seat was in place and she was eager to take off.
 One last good-by to the family.
 First order was to color.
 Then to try the lemon.
 Lulu had told her mother, she knew what she wanted for dinner,
Chicken Cesar Salad.
That's what she ordered.
She also had a few helpings of Grammie-goo's shrimp.
Here we are looking at the dessert menu.
Looks like I'm a little excited.
Lulu decided on a Strawberry Cheesecake
 Of course it had a cherry on top!
 Date Night with Papa was fun.
 Thanks Papa!
The evening was exciting but it was time to go.
Her carriage took her back home to
Mommy & Daddy,
Levi and Ila May.

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