Thursday, November 10, 2011

Girls Night and Boys Night

Kimmy invited me to a Baby Shower
she was having for a neighbor, who is having a little girl.

Here's a little back ground story about Kimmy.
Growing up she really wasn't interested in cooking.
I would tease her by saying that she didn't
 even know where to find the kitchen.
So much has changed!
Kimmy now decorates, sews, bakes, cooks and
 even has taught her daughter where the kitchen is.
Here is Lulu is making the punch.

I was surprised at how creative Kimmy is.
 She made a Diaper Cake.
Lulu added her touches by decorating
 the cake with bows and toys.
I am so happy to see how Kimmy has grown into such a
graceful young lady who serves God with love.


While the Girls partied, the Boys,
(husband Tom, son-in-law Mark and
Grandson Levi), spent time over at our home.
Mark is so computer savvy.
Remember Tom's dinosaur of a computer?
It took up have of half of the room.
We had a flat screen and newer computer
that I used before I got my laptop.
Mark combined all of Tom's "stuff" and
transferred it to the newer computer.
The newer computer now sits on Tom's desk.
 Look at the room on his desk.
And there is room for more stuff.
 That leaves me with room for my sewing machine!
I'm a happy girl.
Thanks Mark!

A fun night for both Girls and Boys!


  1. Oh how fun! What a lovely little baby shower! I was quite the tom-boy myself and very unlady like! ha.

    Our first computer was one of those huge white ones! Amazing how technology has slimmed them all down now!

  2. Lulu looks like a little princess in these pictures. She is learning to be a gracious hostess!

    And way to go about the computer. That DID make a big difference.

    I like his desk, by the way.

  3. What a lovely shower Kimmy threw for her blessed neighbor! It's always funny (and encouraging) to see how we change as we age! there might be hope for Zac yet to learn what a closet is for! Excellent diaper cake!
    Is Tom enjoying his new computer as much as your are? I know I would! Have a wonderful day!
    Dee Dee

  4. That is just awesome...and look what happens when they get married and have kids of their there is hope for my daughter. LOL

    Once again such precious memories being made and adorable grand children.

  5. That is so sweet of you to say. I learned it all from YOU! Love you Mother!!

  6. I can tell how proud you are of Kimmy and rightly so. Such a lovely young lady and a great mother.

    I do believe the dining room light I just ordered from Home Depot is a match to Kimmy's.

  7. Christine
    Your daughters done you proud, for sure. Now Lulu is learning from her Mama how to be a good hostess. It's obvious she enjoyed her role as helper!
    Your DH is lucky to have a SIL to help with all that technology transfer, it's not an easy task!

  8. Lulu is precious! It looks like she is learning from the Best!

    The desk looks great with the new computer screen.

    Looking so forward to Grandparenting! :)

  9. Lulu is a great little helper!! Kimmie has hostessing mastered! Sounds like a good time was had by all... both boys and girls! I will be looking forward to seeing what you sew! blessings ~ tanna

  10. It's amazing how much room you get back once you realize that the dinosaur of a monitor has to go!! How did we ever survive without these flat screen monitors and laptops! Enjoy your weekend! Judy

  11. Some busy bees happening there. Reminds me of the children's song we used to sing in Sunday school: "When we all pull together, how happy we'll be." :)

  12. Wonderful post Christine, I love the way Kimmy is teaching and including her daughter, so refreshing. Kimmy evidently had a great teacher. How blessed that you all got more room made for what else,... us girls always need more room for our stuff. ~smile~.
    Enjoyed this post so much.


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