Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two National Events This Weekend



For several years, Tom and I have encouraged the
participants on their 3-day walk.
We decorate our car and honk horns.

Tom showing off his horn.

Cheerleaders welcoming the walkers
into the Pit Stop.

This bike rider is the "Caboose" or
the last one on the course.
All along the route, people supply water,
food, music, and encouragement.
This homeowner went all out.
She supplied seats and ice bags.
Along with...

A place to take pictures of themselves with their friends.
This is a mirror.

You should have seen all the ladies
in front of this mirror. All taking pictures!

Twenty miles a day...

We weren't the only ones out on the road.
We were in a parade of cars!!!


Our second event we participated in was this....

Tom is all through with the medicines that he took
for his knee replacement.
So we packed up all his unused meds and
headed to the Police Department.

Tom proudly showing his unused pills.

People brought in shopping bags full of medicine.
Here's Tom in line. I had to get this picture of his straight legs.
Below is the "before knee replacement" picture.
DEA says drug take-back day a success
Updated: Saturday, 25 Sep 2010, 7:56 PM EDTPublished : Saturday, 25 Sep 2010, 7:39 PM EDT

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) - The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) collected more than 936 pounds of prescription drugs in Hampton Roads Saturday.
The collection was part of their first-ever nationwide prescription drug take-back day. The DEA staffed 20 local collection points around Hampton Roads Saturday to collect unwanted or unused prescription drugs.
"We're seeing a massive increase of legally controlled substances being sold on the street," said Michael Kennedy, Resident Agent in Charge at the Norfolk Drug Enforcement Administration. "In the wrong hands, prescription drugs could be a prescription for disaster."
That's why the DEA headed up the take-back day.
"No questions asked, no identities are asked for - if they want to scrape the labels they can do that also and just drop the container in the receptacle," Kennedy said.
What agents don't want to happen is for them to get thrown in the trash or flushed down a drain.
"It's a health hazard, you're putting these controlled substances into the water system," Kennedy explained.


  1. Great Post! It has special meaning to me this year because Mom just went through a breast mastectomy 10 days ago due to breast cancer. It appears that out of the 13 lymph nodes removed, only one was cancerous, Praise God.

    I had the pleasure of hearing Susan Komen's Sister speak. She's the coordinator of these fund-raiser. She talked about how she tried to help her sister and ended up watching her sister die. Before Susan died, she asked that her sister do something to stop breast cancer. Can you imagine that being someone's dying wish? Well -- this sister (wish I remembered her name) took on the task and has never looked back. The things she's accomplished are miraculous!

    Tom looks like he's doing great. It must be due to all that wonderful nursing! Does he realize that? I heard about the drug take-back day and wondered what they would do with all those drugs. I still wonder how they will dispose of them.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. What a wonderful event for you to cheer all the folks on and be proud to participate in. Love the photos. I didn't realize any of this about old meds.....thanks for sharing. It's important.

  3. Christine, what a great weekend and thanks for sharing it with the rest of the bloggers. Have a great rest of the week. Jude

  4. Awesome post, Christine! Encouragement is a priceless gift. Priceless. And, the take-back drug program sounds like a good idea. Glad Tom is doing well!

  5. I see the walk was presented by Energizer?

    I think of Tom as your Energizer Bunny! Looks like he is doing great.

  6. Two great events! I'm glad Tom is doing so well.
    Our "Walk to Defeat ALS" event is in a couple of weeks. Lots of family and friends joining us to support the cause.
    Have a great week.

  7. What a meaningful weekend!! <3

  8. What a productive and meaningful weekend you had. I am sure all of the walkers really appreciated all of you cheering them on. What an encouragement. Tom looks like he is doing well... so glad for that.

  9. Christine,
    On Saturday was our local 5k for Brest Cancer. I have the privlige of walking in this before, however this weekend, I was attending a prayer retreat on saturday morning. I'm so glad that you and Tom were able to cheer on the walkers! I'm always the cheerleader when Wayne runs his races and have been told it is such an important job! I was also amazed at the different ways people went all out to encourage the walkers!
    I am thankful that Tom is feeling better! Maybe next year you both will be walkers too!
    Dee Dee

  10. you and Tom ROCK!!! :)
    So great to see you so active in your community. :)
    The walk looked like a BLAST and so glad to see Tom is doing so wonderfully :) :)

  11. Wonderful walk and for such a good cause!

    The hubs is looking great!

  12. I loved the mirror for taking self-photos, idea!!

    We ARE worth it...and I'm the first to forget that, some days. ;)
    * * * *
    The VA thingy at the bottom of your post... IS/WAS way awesome. That location is the real-life back yard of my hubby's childhood days.

    * * * *

    If I knew Tom better... I would tease him about finding him a pair of "straight-leg Levi's"...

    :) Maybe, just maybe he'll get a kick out of that. Maybe... ;)

  13. That mirror idea is just brilliant. What a thoughtful person!


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