Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Check List

Looks like I'm all set for Thanksgiving!
We traditionally have our Thanksgiving on Friday
because it's an easier day for me.
Today, is a Snow Day - NO SCHOOL (work)!

I'm going to go and play with ...
Happy Thanksgiving!

Frostbite occurs when skin and other tissues are exposed to very cold temperatures. It can occur within minutes following exposure to extreme temperatures, or even in above-freezing temperatures if there is a strong wind (wind chill) or if the person is at high altitude or wet. Frostbite usually affects the hands, feet, nose, cheeks, and ears. Superficial frostbite injures the skin and tissues just beneath it, but usually does not permanently injure tissue. Deep frostbite, which also affects muscle, nerves, and blood vessels, may result in tissue death, a condition known as gangrene.


  1. Snow day? Oh how fun! I'm all ready, too...the shopping is done...now I just need to start baking!

  2. Snow, excellent snow!
    Looks like you are ahead of the game and ready for Thanksgiving! Will the whole family be joining you this year? Sending you good wishes and love... Dee Dee

  3. Well, well, well ... snow already? That's almost a foreign language here in SE Texas, where we're running the AC today. However, our temps are supposed to plummet on Friday. That'll make me smile. I'm good without snow. hehe

  4. How fun!! Love the check list...

    your grandbabies are so cute.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

  5. San Diego County is experiencing intermitten rainy weather...
    Had to turn the heater on this morning and we will be using a firelog tonight.
    Enjoy your day!

    Viola over at www.alongawidowedroad.blogspot.com

  6. A snow day already???
    I am NOT looking forward to snow. Only because, as fun as it is to play in...it's not so fun to DRIVE in.
    BUT, when you get to stay home and play...NOW THAT SOUNDS LIKE FUN!!
    Enjoy your time with the kiddos and your turkey day!!
    Olivia and I just got home from the grocery store with bags and bags since I am doing the cooking this year. My second year and counting. :)

  7. It's that time of year again, isn't it! We have the threat of some sleet in the morning. I went shopping for Thanksgiving food today. Obviously, so did everyone else! It will take me a day to get over it!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Thanks for coming over and playing and giving me a rest! And for brining us dinner. You are the best mom.
    Love Kimmy

  9. What fun for me to see these pictures. You see, I like winter and cold and we have not had it yet. Hope you are staying warm. I think of you when I hear your weather forecasts on the weather channel. Cute pictures!


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