Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Table Top Fort

This is a Table Top Fort/ House
My new sewing machine has been working overtime.
One king size, flat sheet;
 one brown fitted sheet; 
colorful felt squares;
 black, grow-gain ribbon 
and presto !
 You have a house.
I didn't have time to add curtains and other details.
But I know certain, there are some children, will love it, as is.

Windows * garage * flowers * and a grandma who loves her grandchildren.

I found the tote at Target in the "tote isle" and
 thought it was a perfect place to store the house when not in use.


All my Christmas presents are bought, finished and wrapped.  
Soon, we are heading to Idaho. 
Thanksgiving, a birthday and Christmas celebration's will be all rolled into this visit.
The snow has started to fall. 
In a few more weeks (days?!) we won't be able to drive over until early Spring.
The car is packed to the brim.
Our studded, snow tires are on. We even bought those new 
tire socks that replace chains. They are cool!

I'll be gone for awhile.
(I'm sooo excited!)
Until then, Happy Thanksgiving !


  1. Oh! Have the best time. I'm so happy for you. I'll bet there is a great deal of excitement on the other side of the mountains as well. That project makes a lot of sense!

  2. PS
    Be careful. You may get stuck on the other side. Oh well, we do what we have to do. :D

  3. What a great idea... you're going to get into making these to sell - right??

    I know a Grandma (my mom!) who would love one of these.. ;)
    Have a wonderful time off - and with family. Happy Thanksgiving..

  4. Dear Christina, you are amazing! And I want to be you whenever/if ever I'm a grandmother.

    Have a blessed holiday... both of them!

  5. Christine,
    Those grandkids are going to love it! Make me wish I was young again! This is such a creative idea and you have done a wonderful job creating a perfect place to expand imagination! Love it! Give y best to Kimmy and her family. Travel safe and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Blessings- dee dee

  6. Aw...happy, happy, happy! Have a wonderful time!
    They will love the fort! Very cool!

  7. How very clever! I just love this. I know your grands will have a "grand" time playing with it. Now you have to make one for yourself. ;)

  8. Oh, Christine!! I hope you have the very, very, very BEST of grandmother-times while you are enjoying your visit!! I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. your cute little house!! It is perfect! Lots of good hours will be spent in there. Travel safely.... May God bless and keep you...

  9. I love this! I just pinned it for future grandma reference. (Yes, I have a pin board for my is-to-come life as a grandmother. I'm a dreamer.

  10. this is awesome and I am pinning on my Grand mother board...great job!
    Have a blast...I haven't even started Christmas shopping...you go girl!!

  11. What joy you will bring to some lucky little ones this season. Have a lovely time and a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

  12. I would love to come over and play in your fun fort. Wonder if I could get out once I got in?


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