Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Visit - Chapter 4: Hugs and Kisses

During the Boise Bunch's stay with us, 
there were plenty of hugs and kisses 
throughout the 12 day visit.

Here is older brother and sister seeing each other for the first
time since Kimmy moved, last October.
Kimmy grabbed her nephew, Trey, and didn't put him down.

Aunt Kimmy and Trey

Mark, Kimmy and Silas

Aunt Kimmy (she couldn't get enough of Trey!)
and Ila May

Lulu and Trey

The hardest hugs were the "good-bye" hugs.
That's when the tears flowed.

Click here to read Kimmy's blog
about the Boise Bunch's
 Summer Visit

Driving away, towing their VW,
back to Boise.


  1. You have to store up all the hugs and kisses you can get when you have the chance. Then, yes, the tears do flow. Oh, big hugs coming your way, Christine. blessings ~ tanna

  2. Sweet times with family, and sad times when you have to see them leave, but memories built! Have a blessed Sunday.

  3. Keep those photos coming.
    I love seeing your family.
    As my daughter said upon leaving:
    with pockets full of sweet summer memories & hearts trying to be brave, we're headed back to cambodia {Boise?}.

  4. You're blessed with a wonderful family, and they're blessed to have you and Tom. I know it's hard to say goodbye.

  5. It's always hard to say goodbye. So glad there were 12 days full of hugs and kisses for everyone.

  6. So priceless..and what a blessing a true blessing! So glad you had tons of hugs and kisses, they are the best! You are blessed.


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